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Aging men do not have 'changing room moment', says University of Kent

Aging men might not be quite as stylish as they think, according to new research.

A study by the University of Kent has revealed that, unlike women, there most men do not experience a "changing room moment" when they realise they are too old for certain clothing.

The research claims most men remain comfortable in the outfits they had worn earlier in life, particularly if their careers required them to dress a certain way.

Man measuring waist
Man measuring waist

While skinny jeans, hoodies and trainers were looked upon with disdain by some older men, garments associated with aging, such as elasticated trousers, also proved unpopular.

However, there were references to clothes "shrinking in the wardrobe" and the challenges of dressing for a changing body shape.

Wearing dirty or unkempt clothing was also taboo, with many linking it to a loss of a wife, who would have kept things in order.

The research, published in the journal Aging and Society, was conducted by Professor Julia Twigg, of the university's School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

Data was collected using 24 in-depth interviews with men aged between 58 and 85, from a variety of social backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Professor Twigg said: "It is clear men have a different relationship to dress from women, and the research shows that this continues into later life.

"There is less in the way of age anxiety in their choices, but there are clearly issues that affect how they dress and how this changes as they get older."

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