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We tried new burger restaurant 7Bone in Canterbury city centre

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7Bone has just opened in Canterbury city centre, so it was only right that we sampled some of the meaty delights on offer.

Bosses have given the burgers a range of quirky names, including Prince Charles is Overrated, Ronald's Revenge and Frankie Says Rilassare. But I was unashamedly drawn to the Donnie J Trump.

The Donnie J Trump burger was messy - but worth it
The Donnie J Trump burger was messy - but worth it

It boasts an American cheese stuffed patty, deep fried "pizza cheese", burger relish, a tiny handful of lettuce and is topped with Wotsits - meant to resemble the former US president's famous hair.

I ordered my food and took in my surroundings.

7Bone is the latest burger joint to open in the city, which is on its way to resembling a battery beef farm.

Other outlets include Chuck and Blade Burgers, Notorious BRG and Five Guys - just to name a few.

Founded by entrepreneurs Matthew Mollicone and Richard Zammit in Southampton in 2013, 7Bone was yet to have a base in Kent before opening on Tuesday.

7Bone has opened in Canterbury city centre
7Bone has opened in Canterbury city centre

About 20 staff were starting their new jobs as the first customers were welcomed to the eatery on the corner of Burgate and Butchery Lane.

Located a short distance away from Canterbury Cathedral, the cobbled streets outside the restaurant were swarming with visitors and a window seat makes a quintessential people-watching spot.

The restaurant was almost packed, with each new customer hit with beef pheremones as they walked through the doorway.

The staff seemed slightly excitable - which I put down to it being the day of 7Bone's launch.

My waiter was very approachable and seemed friendly. Like the other waiting staff, he donned a black t-shirt bearing a picture of two oddly-shaped hands clasping a burger.

Hot dogs served up at 7Bone (51040624)
Hot dogs served up at 7Bone (51040624)
A huge brookie stack (51040621)
A huge brookie stack (51040621)

The interior of the restaurant follows the latest "industrial" trend, with air conditioning ducts and other wires on display to give it a faux-neglected appearance.

Some of the floor and walls are paved with cracked tiles like a Parisian bar.

The menu boasts dry-aged beef and free range chicken burgers, "juicy dogs" (hot dogs), fries and poutine - a Canadian dish consisting of french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. There is also a vegan and children's menu.

There is also a so-called red basket meal deal - referring to what the food is served in - which means you can get any main and "regular" side for £11.45 or any main and "dirty" side for £12.95.

My Donnie J arrived within 10 minutes of ordering, appearing on a serving hatch visible to most of the gawping customers.

The Donnie J Trump burger at 7Bone
The Donnie J Trump burger at 7Bone

The burger is certainly a unique sight - with two deep fried cheese blocks stuffed inside and shavings of Wotsits across the top.

It looked like a messy prospect to tackle. But as everyone else in the restaurant had their chops covered in sauce as they dived in, I did not stick around and unashamedly ripped a huge chunk of it with my teeth.

7Bone has special approval from the Food Standards Agency to serve their patties medium-rare like a steak, and I'm thankful they applied for it.

The burger was succulent and juicy - and makes a change from the dry and sad-looking patties I have tasted all too often in the past.

The Donnie J Trump was a "cheese cooked three ways" type of deal, with the stuffed patty, deep fried cheese and even the Wotsits bringing something different and tasty.

The Wotsit crumbs left strewn across my table (51040919)
The Wotsit crumbs left strewn across my table (51040919)

Top tip: don't breathe through your nose when you eat this burger or your Wotsits will end up strewn across the table, as I learnt.

7Bone may want to convey an image of not taking themselves too seriously, with their dilapidated-style decor, messy meals and often mystifying names for food.

However, one bite will soon confirm they are wizards of flavour with sharp palettes and a joy for feeding ravenous punters.

7Bone likes to think it doesn't take it self seriously, but it's food says otherwise
7Bone likes to think it doesn't take it self seriously, but it's food says otherwise

Food: The Donnie J Trump burger was the best I can remember having in a long time. It was packed with flavour and was incredibly juicy. *****

Drink: There is a good selection of drinks, including craft beer, cocktails, shakes and soft drinks. ****

Decor: The decor is a tried and tested industrial style which doesn't distract from the food and is clearly popular with customers. ****

Staff: Although there were some nerves, this didn't impact staff delivering exceptionally friendly service. They recommended dishes, which is a simple touch but much appreciated. *****

Price: For under £13 to dine in a restaurant with a burger and chips and for great quality, I think the price is completely justified and I would not hesitate to pay it again. *****

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