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Brands Hatch: Video shows driver entering West Kingsdown race track circuit during Volkswagen race day

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Police have bailed a man after a car gatecrashed Brands Hatch during a live race event - as shocking new video emerges.

The unnamed 21-year-old was arrested yesterday after a car gatecrashed through security at the West Kingsdown track on Saturday.

It's believed the driver caught on film may have put his life and that of his passengers - as well as racing drivers - at risk during the stunt at the Kent track at the weekend.

The car on the track during a Brands Hatch race
The car on the track during a Brands Hatch race

A police statement said a 21-year-old man from Tonbridge was arrested and has since been released on bail until July 24 while investigations continue.

It comes as new video has emerged of the white car on the track as a crew member signals a race driver out of the pit lane.

The video shows the VW Polo doing speeds of around 50mph.

The arrest comes as one driver involved in the race threatened to bring a class law suit against the driver.

Rod Barrett said he had been racing in the Fun Cup race when it was red flagged on Saturday.

Video: Car enters circuit during race day

He said he had reached third position, after starting in 13th position, and a win was not out of the question.

He added: "This idiot caused us and other teams to accept our positions prematurely so cost us and others championship points.

"Fun Cup competitors pay a lot of money for our track time and in race fees.

"I am therefore looking at the legal possibilities of starting a combined law suit/class action against this moron to re-claim our race fees and costs as he ruined our race.

Inside the car as the vehicle enters the Brands Hatch circuit
Inside the car as the vehicle enters the Brands Hatch circuit

"With 26 teams or so in play at an average cost per team of say £4,000, then he could be looking at £104,000 plus legal fees in compensation. That will wipe the smile of his stupid face for many years to come!"

A man was earlier named as the driver who apparently bypassed security at the circuit to enter a race.

Now the event organisers have confirmed an inquiry has been set up by police, track and race officials to establish how the driver was able to get onto the course.

But the alleged driver has defended his actions, claiming "you only live once".

The man, thought to be from Tonbridge, told a national newspaper he was "proud to be different".

And he accused people of "blowing it all out of proportion", appearing to have no regrets.

Police have confirmed they are reviewing a video which shows the man driving onto the Brands Hatch circuit during a race.

The video, which is believed to have been taken on Saturday, shows his terrified girlfriend begging him to stop, as he threatens to drive onto the track in her car.

The conversation during the video - taken from within the car - refers to a 'Beetles' race.

The former Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit hosted a Volkswagen Fun Cup race on Saturday.

The race circuit from above
The race circuit from above

Now a witness has come forward to confirm the stunt.

Steven O'Connor said: " I can confirm this is 100% not a fake as I was right on the spot."

He said he had been strapped in his Formula Ford 2000 car in the parc ferme - or sealed off area - when the driver went out.

He added: "Because I had arrived nice and early the assembly and parc ferme were almost deserted.

"Then the marshals started forming up the few cars that started arriving in the assembly area and he arrived at that time, turned into parc ferme and straight through the weighbridge garage that was empty.

"If it hadn't been a four-hour race then the whole area would have been filled with assembling cars and cars from the previous race being checked and he physically couldn't have got through.

The white VW Polo gate-crashed the race at Brands Hatch
The white VW Polo gate-crashed the race at Brands Hatch

"The "girlfriend" was totally distraught, had to be led away and comforted by a couple of the lady marshals.

"'Jack the Lad' seemed to find it all funny and only got upset when the media boys started taking pictures of him and the car."

During the three minute 17 seconds clip, the girl begs the driver, who she calls Jack, not to go onto the track.

It shows a pit lane and circuit that appear to be at Brands Hatch in West Kingsdown.

Video: The car is seen driving around the track in the middle of a race

At one point the man appears to be on the race track, with cars clearly visible in front.

The girl becomes hysterical, with the other passengers laughing nervously in the back.

But many comments on social media condemned what appear to be very dangerous actions.

The video was queried as a fake, but 'rob uk' said on one posting: "For all of you that this this is fake then you clearly haven't been to Brands Hatch.

"You can see to get on the track they drive through a pit garage, all the garages have rear openings and when you go to the not so big race meets, as this was, the security is relaxed and you can see right through and into the pits."

He added: "Why he is there in the first place boggles the mind as he canot be a true enthusiast to do this!"

Mikaedo said: "I hate literally everything in this video.

"That guy's a loathsome tw*t regardless of how legit this is."

Speaking today, others echoed the anger at the driver's actions.

Alana Silk, 32, who works in Tonbridge, said: "He could have really hurt someone else through absolute stupidity.

"It really winds me up to be honest.

"I have five children and from a mother's point of view I would be so disappointed if one of them was stupid enough to take their own and others lives into their hands."

Matt Salisbury, a freelance motorsport journalist,said: "He's an idiot of the highest order who has no regard for the safety of himself or others - a sad example of misguided youth.

The car on the track during a Brands Hatch race
The car on the track during a Brands Hatch race

"He isn't a 'hero' or 'lad' as some suggest - he is an immature prat who deserves any penalty or charge going his way."

Andy, 25, who works in Sports Direct in Tonbridge: "I saw it on Facebook and thought it was utterly ridiculous. He deserves everything coming his way in my opinion."

A spokesman for the British Racing and Sports Car Club, which organised the event, confirmed an investigation had been launched.

He said: "On Saturday afternoon during our race meeting at Brands Hatch, an unauthorised private car gained access to the live circuit while the Fun Cup Championship race was in progress.

"The race was immediately red flagged and all cars left the circuit.

"Kent Police, the MSA and circuit operators MSV are conducting an inquiry and we are of course fully co-operating with them.

"Until the outcome of the inquiry is known the club won’t be making any further comment."

Video: Driver appears to enter track during race day

The Motor Sports Association said it is "extremely concerned" about the "irresponsible actions" of the driver.

It said in a statement: "The Motor Sports Association is extremely concerned by the events that occurred at Brands Hatch at the weekend, when an unauthorised vehicle gained access to the circuit during a race.

"As the governing body, the MSA condemns in the strongest possible manner the irresponsible actions of these individuals, and is pleased that Kent Police shares its view of the gravity of the incident.

"In the meantime, the MSA has announced an enquiry to understand fully the circumstances of the incident.

"As part of these investigations, the MSA will be liaising with AMRCO (the Association of Motor Racing Circuit Owners) and the organising clubs to seek their views and to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future."

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