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Men jailed for machete attack in Temple Hill, Dartford

Two men who forced their way into a home and carried out a knife attack have been locked up for 10 years each as their trial ended in chaos - with threats and broken fingernails flying and jurors in tears.

Student Grant Odejeh, 20, and pal Elias Spencer, 23, repeatedly stabbed the victim as he lay defenceless on the floor, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

The assault took place on November 20. Odejeh had initially threatened the man as he was with family and friends at a location in Temple Hill Square.

Both parties were previously known to each other and Odejeh warned: "You’re lucky I don’t do you right now. I’ll stab you; I’ll kill you."

Odejeh and Spencer were convicted of wounding with intent and possessing machetes in the savage attack in the victim's home.

Spencer has also received a further six months after being convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

A jury at Maidstone Crown Court heard how the victim met Odejeh near a cafe in Dartford.

Grant Odejeh
Grant Odejeh

Odejeh, of Knights Manor Way, Dartford, told the victim he was "going to be done" and later that day arrived at the his home with Spencer - both were armed with machetes.

During the attack, one of the weapons was plunged into the victim's thigh severing an artery.

The jury heard that as blood began to gush from the life-threatening injury the two attackers fled.

He was taken to a London hospital and underwent an operation to save his life and he has been unable to work since the incident.

He told the judge in a victim impact statement "my life has changed forever" and said he was confined to a wheelchair for weeks following the stabbing.

Now Odejeh has been sent to a Young Offender's Institute for 10 years and will have to serve two-thirds before he will be considered for parole.

Elias Spencer
Elias Spencer

Spencer, of Forest Hill, was jailed for 10-and-a-half years and will also have to serve two-thirds before he can apply for parole.

During the sentencing hearing, the judge banned members of the defendants families from attending and then issued a 10-year order forbidding the defendants from contacting the victim or his family.

As during the sentencing a family member of one of the defendants was told he faced a court appearance for "contempt in the face of the court".

The judge has now taken the unusual step of referring the case of (contempt in the face of the court) to the Attorney General.

Kevin Odejeh - the 24-year-old brother of one of the men convicted of a machete attack - was arrested following the serious ruckus in court.

Judge Charles Macdonald QC will write to the Attorney General. Stock picture
Judge Charles Macdonald QC will write to the Attorney General. Stock picture

As the jury were returning their verdicts, some in the public gallery began shouting and haranguing them.

As the jury foreman delivered the first guilty verdict, a man stepped forward in a menacing manner shouting: "No. There is no evidence. There is no evidence."

The jury members then became upset and had to leave the court and the public gallery was cleared. The jury returned minutes later and returned the rest of the guilty verdicts.

As security officials attempted to keep order the man threw a punch and was wrestled to the ground as water was thrown across the court - alarming court and CPS staff.

More guards then arrived and the family and friends of the defendants - who had been screaming at the family of the victim, who were also in court to hear the verdict - were ushered outside the building.

"There can be little doubt that Odejeh and Spencer are excessively violent and extremely dangerous offenders..."

Now Judge Charles Macdonald QC said he will be writing to the Attorney General with details of what he witnessed. Other court staff and barristers are also expected to make statements regarding the incident.

Kevin Odejeh, from Dartford appeared in the dock in handcuffs and surrounded by four security officials. He was granted bail pending a decision on whether or not to bring proceedings. He also apologised to the judge.

Speaking after Grant Odejeh and Spencer, were sentenced, PC Scott Spedding, of the county line and gang team, said: "There can be little doubt that Odejeh and Spencer are excessively violent and extremely dangerous offenders.

"They subjected the victim of this case to a terrifying and frenzied assault and were clearly intent on causing the most harm they possibly could. It is only down to good fortune and quick thinking from his associates that the victim was not fatally wounded."

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