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Video 'shows migrants get out of lorry' near Dartford Crossing

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A freight company says migrants filmed climbing from the back of one of its trucks may have got on during a ferry crossing.

The video shows the trucker, in a Spanish-registered lorry, help four people get out of his vehicle near the Dartford Crossing. They have not been found.

However, the company insists its driver had no knowledge of the people in the back, and carried out all checks as he came through the port.

Video: Suspected illegal migrants appear to be ushered out of a lorry

A man filming in the car behind appears shocked at the blatant, daylight incident.

Now it has sparked a huge controversy, with many questioning the man's actions.

It's believed the lorry had been carrying a load of onions at the time.

A spokesman for freight company El Mosca said: "Our truck has followed all regulations correctly by our company, (he is prohibited to stop under 200 km from any port, he checks the truck before moving and before he embarks, he does all checks including scanning and all point controls).

"Our drivers are all very experienced in transport and we would like to briefly explain how this incident happened.

"Our driver hasn’t left the truck unattended at any time, he has also passed ALL controls and scanners twice at the port.

"English police opened doors at the control scanners and found nothing!!We have incorporated two systems that control doors opening.

"We think that the only way this could have happened, is once he was inside the ferry, the GPS did not receive signal to detect this problem.

"Our GPS shows that our driver doesn't stop before Calais, the last point is on the A282 UK road:

"Police confirmed at the port that all checks were fine. The driver was alerted by other cars in a traffic jam, because they heard voices and noises coming from inside the truck. He got down and went to see what was the problem and opened doors and realized that immigrants were inside the truck.

"Shocked by this action he did not know what to do, as he has never been in this situation before and told them to step down from the truck straight away! Nobody steps down immigrants from the truck in the middle of the motorway seeing by thousands of people if he had any intention of transporting immigrants.

Migrants appear to be seen being escorted from the lorry
Migrants appear to be seen being escorted from the lorry

"We do not accept these comments referring to our company, as we are a responsible company with over 80 years’ experience in this profession and this has seriously damaged our name, as we do not accept such action.

"We have lost in the past two years a considerable amount of money in penalties and goods returned and destroyed by customers due to this incidents, as we are trying our best to make sure these incidents do not often happen.

"We have two security controls, It´s the first time that this happens inside the ferry where the GPS signal is off. All transport companies suffer these incidents as there is a big issue with immigrants right now, and we do our best to make sure that this doesn’t happen, but we can never assure these incidents ever happen."

Police revealed there had been two sets of migrants reported to police in Kent yesterday.

One incident was reported in Bridge, Canterbury at 9.03am where four suspected migrants were found and handed over to the Home Office.

The second incident at Dartford happened at 3.40pm Junction 1B on the M25.

Those suspected migrants have not been found.

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