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We can still see caravan - say neighbours

People protesting about a static caravan in a garden in Deal only have a short wait to find out whether it stays or goes.

What has been described as a "monstrosity" by some is hoped to be used as a comefortable annex for Tina Sanders' mum Audrey Sells.

The 26ft static caravan was delivered early before district council planners had made up their mind whether it could be sited with a six ft fence around it.

And despite Mrs Sanders canvassing her immediate neighbours, its arrival was a shock that turned to anger for many.

Jonathan Goodsell is one of the most vocal, demanding its immediate removal.

He said: "It's had a profound effect on the neighbourhood," lowering the tone of the area and bashing down house values.

Others have used the word Pikey, used to describe travellers, and some have said it should be put in a caravan park like those at Sutton Vale or St Margaret's.

Mrs Sanders said she had no choice for it to be sited before her February application was considered.

She said the sellers needed it moved, so she made way for it to be delivered in her back garden. It has not yet been used by her mother, who will soon be homeless.

The decision is due to be made next week.

For an update and reactions, see Next week's Mercury

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