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Missing Alexandrine parakeet called Yoda who whistles Star Wars theme vanished out of open window after playing with cat

A couple have appealed for help finding their missing parakeet who disappeared from their Deal home yesterday afternoon.

Ryan and Zoe McNamara's Alexandrine parakeet, Yoda, was discovered missing from their Leander Close house at 4.30pm.

Yoda whistles the Star Wars theme tune
Yoda whistles the Star Wars theme tune

It is thought their cat chased him upstairs and out of an open window while the young family were relaxing doing puzzles and using the ipad.

The bird, aged about two and a half, is especially precious to the couple because it whistles the Star Wars theme tune.

The pair and their five-year-old daughter Jessie May are animal lovers and have had the colourful bird for about two years since he was about six-months-old.

Keeping and caring for animals is their hobby. They also have a British Bull Dog, a kitten, marine fish and have had snakes and lizards in the past.

Yoda was sold to them as a boy but his sex is ambiguous where male colouring has not yet come out.

"He was a really happy little bird, he would sit on on Jessie's head when she was having breakfast..."

They have left his cage outdoors in case he flies home looking for familiar surroundings.

Mr McNamara said: "The cat and Yoda play chase, they always have done.

"Yoda will swoop the cat and the cat chases after him.

"He doesn't fly upstairs but we found bird poo upstairs yesterday so we know he has been up there.

"We think he got spooked and he bolted through a window and now he's gone."

Mr and Mrs McNamara don't like the idea of clipping wings. They think that decision has contributed to him being such a happy bird, but it has enabled him to fly away when he had the chance.

He added: "He was a really happy little bird, he would sit on on Jessie's head when she was having breakfast.

"They can fly up to five miles if they're scared so from our house that could be as far as St Margaret's to Sandwich Bay to Eythorne.

"There are a lot of birds that are wild over at Sandwich Bay and Thanet.

"If he gets in with one of the flocks he would have quite a happy life, it's just sad that we've lost him."

Jessie May is also upset. In the past few years she has had a dog and a cat pass away and now Yoda has vanished.

The bird could have been missing for 30-40 minutes before they noticed he had gone.

Mrs McNamara was doing a puzzle, and Mr McNamara was playing on the ipad with Jessie.

When they started preparing to take their dog Frankie for a walk, Zoe went to put Yoda in his cage and then they found he was not there.

Mr McNamara looked until midnight within walking distance of the house.

He told KentOnline: "Experts say he won't have gone far unless he was really spooked".

Have you seen Yoda? Contact Ryan McNamara on 07778 666063.

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