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‘Weekenders’ blamed for dumping rubbish bags on Deal seafront

Bin bags left on the promenade are spoiling the town for residents and visitors, claims a Deal business owner.

Nick Barbasiewicz, who has owned the Three Compasses restaurant in Beach Street for 12 years, says he has recognised a rise in the number of people placing their rubbish in the public bins, often causing them to overflow.

In some instances, there have been large purple sacks left next to the bins. He has even discovered bags left outside his own property.

Shots of household rubbish left on Deal promenade
Shots of household rubbish left on Deal promenade

He blames it on weekenders who are renting properties nearby and is urging Dover District Council (DDC) to shame them or provide them with separate bins.

Mr Barbasiewicz said: “Rather than take it home with them or go to the dump, they dump it on the seafront. It makes the seafront look a complete mess and is detrimental to the town.

“The bins are overflowing. If people have takeaway boxes that don’t fit in the bins they just throw it on the side.

“Some of the rubbish sacks are just left next to the bin and then the seagulls get into them.”

Mr Barbasiewicz says he sees it happening from about 4pm onwards on a Sunday and has even approached some people.

He said: “On a Monday morning there is rubbish everywhere.

“It’s disappointing that people want to come to Deal because they love the town and how attractive it is, and they spoil it, not only for others that are visiting but the people that live here.”

The bin cannot take the volume of rubbish
The bin cannot take the volume of rubbish

The issue hit a high last summer prompting him to contact DDC. He said he was told that the inspectors do go through the rubbish to check if it household waste.

But he claims a driver of the collection waste van told him otherwise, saying they did not have time to do that.

He continued: “It’s fly tipping. What I’d like to see is the council do what they say they do and check who the culprits are and bring them to task.”

He thinks it would also be sensible for the council to provide bins for domestic waste.

The Mercury contacted four hosts listed on Airbnb, a website which enables people to lease or rent homes.

Of the two from the Beach Street area that responded, one said guests don’t need to use public bins as hosts provide recycle and non recycle rubbish bins and house keepers do clean after their stay.

Nick Barbasiewicz says the rubbish is spoiling Deal for residents and visitors
Nick Barbasiewicz says the rubbish is spoiling Deal for residents and visitors

Another said guests who stay with them put their rubbish in the appropriate bins they provide and it is put out for collection on the right day.

A spokesman said: “Dover District Council provides all households with facilities for both waste and recycling kerbside collections. Household recycling centres are also available in the district.

“We urge people not to place household waste in public litter bins which are provided for street litter only and can quickly overflow and attract seagulls and other vermin.

“The council do take enforcement action in cases where waste is left inappropriately. This includes the previous issue of a fixed penalty notice regarding household waste left on the promenade in Deal.

“Residents can report incidents online at dover.gov.uk or to our waste team on 01304 872428.”

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