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Deal Tri member Steve Wisbey completes his leg of the club's virtual relay in the Panathenaic Stadium in Greece

Deal Tri runner Steve Wisbey earned his place at the top of the podium for the most impressive finishing location during the club's virtual relay.

While most runners competed locally, Wisbey made the most of his work trip to Greece by running his leg of the relay in the Panathenaic Stadium, built in 330 BC and home of the world's first modern Olympics.

Steve Wisbey at the top step of the podium in Greece (37919516)
Steve Wisbey at the top step of the podium in Greece (37919516)

His team of three - the other two running closer to home - was one of 27 taking part in Deal Tri's second virtual relay.

And while Steve chose to compete in Athens, Renata McDonnell covered the biggest distance for the ladies while on holiday in Cornwall.

Runners were attempting to achieve the greatest distance in 45 minutes.

Renata ran 10.68km it was Toby Smith who took the men’s title again, with an improved distance of 13.10.

Group photo of Deal Tri members who competed in the club's second virtual relay (37919509)
Group photo of Deal Tri members who competed in the club's second virtual relay (37919509)

Toby’s team, which included Dave Mitchell and Richard Horton, won the team relay with a total of 29.24 between them.

Second place, with a distance of 28.34, were Phil Peach, Jo Donaldson and Dave Denton. Third place were Elliott Chapman-Jones, Lew Mayer and Dave Martin, covering 28.13km.

The rest of the runners were, 4th Jason Read, Heather Ingram & Tina Barton 27.30km, 5th Stuart Neilson, Amy Crook & Helen Hill 27.29, 6th Abi Coleman, Annette Nixon & Louise Moore 27.2, 7th Mark Whittaker, Wez Mayer & Ian Pettitt 26.58, 8th Renata McDonnell, Clare Wiseman & Lorraine Lyons 26.7, 9th Lawrence Smith, Maria McGeorge & Jenny Rayment 26.41, 10th David Gibb, Alena Smith & Barry Bolton 26.32, 11th Sam Weller 11.04, Michelle Read & James Gill (Jnr) 26.32, 12th Abbie Robinson, Neil Jenner & Catherine C Jones 26.2, 13th Martin Boucher, Clare Wiseman & Jon Barnard 26.17, 14th Mark Sayer, Simon Read & Ellie Sykes 26.1, 15th Jill Cliff, Kerry Creasy & Ian Dodds 26.09, 16th Sam Killip, Chris Newton & Rebecca Simcox 26.01, 17th Yvonne Elliott, Dan Rayment & Dave Adam 25.81, 18th Ellie Matthews, Tom Wells & Kim Latham 25.53, 19th Sebastian Smith, Erykra Smith & Sally Scoggins 25.23, 20th Andy Stewart, Sharon Taylor & Kev Gardner 25.17, 21st Dave C Jones, Dave Gill & Marge Reidy 25.12, 22nd Martin Boucher, Richard Porteous & Lou Ludwig 24.91, 23rd Graeme Rawlings, Kev Brown & Jayne Gill 24.7, 24th Holly Rye, Katie & Steve Wisbey 24.49, 25th Kerry Campling, Jane Wisbey & Dave Smith 24.38, 26th Ed Crockett, Clare Wiseman & James Gill 24.16k and 27th Steve Wakeford, Nikki Smith & Caitlin Eales (Jnr) who ran 22.05k.

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