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General Election 2019: This is who you can vote for in Dover and Deal


Now that election campaigns have officially kicked off, parties have chosen the candidates who will stand for each constituency.

Here is who you can vote for in Doverand Dealon December 12.



Charlotte Cornell
Charlotte Cornell

I’m a school governor, former teacher and mum of three. I’ve been working with Rosie Duffield, the MP for Canterbury, since 2017.

I believe the only way to heal the divide in our country over Brexit is a vote between a new deal that doesn’t make our communities poorer and a remain option. We may all have to compromise but informed, well-debated compromise is the grown-up way to end this positively for everyone.

Brexit aside, I’ve been angered by Conservative cuts to our school budgets and their lack of care for our NHS. Our nurses deserve better than Conservative underfunding and privatisation. We also need a radical house-building programme in this country. I’ve met people locally who’ve been on waiting lists for a council house for years; I’ve met young people desperate to buy, but unable to because an ‘affordable’ home is unaffordable and there is too much in-work poverty to ever really save up. Finally, I’m serious about tackling climate change; the time is now and there is no Planet-B.


Simon Dodd
Simon Dodd

Brexit will hurt everyone especially in the Dover/Deal area. That’s why, as a passionate European, I will fight Brexit and the damage it will cause. I am committed to standing up for local people and this will include pushing for the £50 Billion Remain Bonus to be used properly to support our underfunded public services: the NHS and social care, police force, education and childcare. I will also tackle the important issues of unemployment, homelessness and mental health.

I have pledged to focus on local businesses, tourism, the regeneration of Dover town centre and local transport including the dualling of the A2 from Whitfield to Lydden and increasing local bus routes. I am 100% committed to protecting our environment and in particular to finding a solution to the poor air quality around Dover Port.


Natalie Elphicke
Natalie Elphicke

The choice in Dover & Deal is clear: get Brexit done and move forward – or go backwards under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

I am a firm Brexiteer. I’ll be backing Boris’ deal – to inject confidence into the economy and unlock investment and opportunities for Britain.

Our Conservative team has a record of delivery for our area, including the new hospital in Dover, safeguarding Deal Hospital and ensuring our first medical school opens next year. My priorities will be serious investment in our major hospitals, stronger borders and building the homes we need in the right places.

You would also be backing someone who knows how to navigate the top levels of Government. I want to do that for my home community. I moved to East Kent as a teenager and have lived here with my husband Charlie for over a decade.

It's how I know we need to help the most vulnerable with more jobs and money for our area. Over 7,000 extra jobs have been created since 2010 through major projects like St James and High Speed rail.

We have a plan to deliver even more – with a focus on supporting local businesses to renew our high streets.


Beccy Sawbridge
Beccy Sawbridge

Greens are standing in Dover in the General Election because voters deserve choices.

Voters should decide if they want to choose a bigger party than us (a tactical vote), or if they want to vote Green. If we had fair proportional voting, choices would be easier! Greens say NO to 9 years of Conservative austerity, NO to the financial elite of Johnson and Farage, YES to tackling the climate and ecological crisis, YES to Europe and a people's vote.

Caroline Lucas, the only Green MP, voted against this General Election. Johnson should not throw out our 2017 British People's Parliament because it doesn't do what he tells it to. I believe I can speak up about reality in Dover because I was brought up here and I worked on the ferries. I am a dedicated animal rights campaigner and was elected as a Dover town councillor in May 2019.

We are awaiting responses from the remaining candidates.

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