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Liberal DemocratClaire Malcolmson

Why should people vote for me?
I became a councillor four and half years ago because of my deep concerns about climate change, and the damage that is being done to our country by the Conservative government. During the referendum I campaigned vehemently to Remain. I am a strong, active candidate. My priorities are stopping Brexit, preventing the Tories from downgrading the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, tackling climate change, and reversing Tory cuts to the police.

Many Remain Conservative voters would never vote Labour. As long as there is a Lib Dem candidate, voters have a real choice and an alternative to the party of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson. I am dedicated to staying within the European Union. I have four children who have never known anything else and I strongly believe the best future for Canterbury is an exit from a disastrous Boris Brexit.


ConservativeAnna Firth

A former healthcare Barrister, Anna Firth is a mum-of-three who has lived in Kent for the last 14 years. A district councillor, former state school Governor and trustee of MIND she has spent the last ten years campaigning hard for better housing, mental health and education for all. “I am the only candidate standing to get Brexit done so that we can focus on the key issues for our area – fighting for a new hospital for Canterbury, better social care, getting our fair share of the 600 new police officers coming to Kent and, crucially, tackling the shocking congestion on our roads”

“I do not come from a privileged background. My grandmother was a dinner lady and my mother was a teacher. But this country gave me the chance to flourish and I want the same opportunities for all our children. To make that happen we need the services and infrastructure to go with it, whether it’s easing traffic in Canterbury, protecting our coastline in Whitstable, or safeguarding our rural areas. As you MP, that will be my priority”.

Residents face a simple question in next week’s election. Do you want to wake up on Friday morning to a government led by Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott - propped up by Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party? If that thought fIlls you with horror, please vote Conservative and set me to work on your behalf.

Anna Firth

LabourRosie Duffield

Simply put, I love Canterbury. I’ve raised my two children here and over the 22 years that I’ve lived here our family have invested in all aspects of community life. I will always put the interests of this constituency first – over & above party politics in every case. I stood for Parliament in 2017 because I saw the damage Tory cuts had had on our community- on the school where I worked and the hospital where my children were born. Serving the people of Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages in parliament has been the great privilege of my life, and I would not want to be an MP anywhere other than my home.

Universal Credit has pushed many of the most vulnerable in society into abject poverty. In-work poverty is rising and food banks are a fact of life for hundreds of thousands across Britain. The impacts of Brexit would be felt particularly keenly here in Kent; I do not want to see my home turned into a car park.

It does not have to be like this. Labour’s manifesto offers real change and, with the commitment to a Green New Deal to ensure we tackle the climate crisis, real solutions to the defining existential issue of our age. Locally, I will protect green spaces like Wincheap Water Meadows. With your support, I will continue to stand up for working people, for our NHS, our schools and our police. I will continue to be a strong, independent minded Member of Parliament who will always put Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages first.

Rosie Duffield

IndependentMichael Gould

Awaiting statement...

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