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Green partyBernard Hyde

Why should people vote for me?
The Green Party stands for ‘the common good’ in creating a sustainable future in which people and the environment matter. We have inherited the planet from our parents, and are also borrowing it from our children. Policies must look to the future for everyone, not short-term gain for the few.

Fun fact:
I once had a thatched shack on a rocky hillside in Africa. Among my visitors have been Ralph Erskine (a well-known Swedish Architect), a 2m long monitor lizard, a 2.4m long black mamba, a porcupine and numerous scorpions together with a resident family of monkeys.

Bernard Hyde

Christian peoples allianceJohn Gibson

Why should people vote for me?
Vote for me if you believe that Christians should have a voice in modern day society. If you believe Biblical Christian values are still valid today. If you believe marriage being should be between one man and one woman, the sanctity of life and protecting the lives of the unborn.

Fun fact:
I’m a fledgling writer and I recently wrote my first historical novel about the Christian Nubians in Africa. Everyone I spoke to about it wanted to read it, but when I finally sent them a draft copy none read it because they claimed it was too long!

John Gibson

UK Independence partyNicole Bushill

Why should people vote for me?
As your MP I will represent wholeheartedly your belief in Our Country; I will fight for complete control of Our Laws, Our Borders and Our Money. I will not accept BREXIT to mean anything less than full accountability bought back to our Parliament and thus bringing Democracy back to you – The People.

Fun fact:
I once appeared on stage with boy band - The Backstreet Boys.

Nicole Bushill

Liberal DemocratThomas Quinton

Awaiting Information

Thomas Quinton

ConservativeTracey Crouch

Why should people vote for me?
I am proud to have been the MP for Chatham & Aylesford since 2010 and was humbled with the amount of support I got at the last election. Like everyone else I didn't expect to be seeking the support of residents again soon! Since 2015 I have dealt with over 13000 pieces of correspondence from residents and want to continue to deal with problems, give advice and support and listen to policy suggestions that interest local people. I don't and can't win every battle but I always give it my best and fight for those who need me. I am not done fighting yet.

Fun fact:
Despite my sprightly nature, having fallen pregnant in my 40s I remain mildly offended at being described as a geriatric mother!

Tracey Crouch

LabourVince Maple

Why should people vote for me?
As someone who has lived in Chatham & Aylesford nearly all my life I’m proud to be standing to be the next MP for our area. I’ve represented Chatham on Medway Council for over a decade and I will always do my best for local residents working with the community against cuts to services like our Sure Start Centres. If I’m elected to be the MP for Chatham & Aylesford I will fight for the best deal for all residents: decent investment in our schools & hospitals, a public transport system fit for the 21st Century including bus & train services for passengers not profit and a real plan to deal with the housing & homelessness crisis.

Fun fact:
I once appeared on an episode of Bargain Hunt (my item made a profit!!!)

Vince Maple
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