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Green partyMark Lindop

Why should people vote for me?
I am delighted to be the Green Party candidate for Dartford. I am 54 and have always lived in or near the Dartford area. I stand for wanting to help all the people and putting Environmental issues first, which is so important for the air quality of this area. Extinction Rebellion have highlighted the urgent need for change, now the government must listen to the people and the scientists and put climate change first."

Mark Lindop

ConservativeGareth Johnson

Why should people vote for me?
“The people I speak to, whether they voted to Leave or Remain, just want to get on with leaving the EU and move on to other important issues. If people support any of the other parties then we will just have more dither and delay. I am also committed to lowering the tax burden on people with a guarantee not to raise Income Tax, NI or VAT. The Conservatives will provide more doctors, nurses and more police officers. I want to protect the diverse range of schools in Dartford so all of our schools, including the Grammar Schools, can flourish. I will not take part in the attacks on Grammar Schools from other parties. In 2010 just 55% of Dartford’s secondary school children and 38% of primary school children attended schools rated good or outstanding. Today 100% of our secondary pupils and 84% of our primary pupils attend good or outstanding schools.”

Gareth Johnson

Liberal DemocratKyle Marsh

Why should people vote for me?
This election is the most interesting one I have seen, after nearly twenty years in politics in Canada and in the United Kingdom. I made Dartford my home after moving here a decade ago, and as a teacher I have seen very closely how our town and our constituency has changed and grown. I want to be a champion for our community and its people. I want to help us secure a better, brighter future while bringing respect and decency back into our political conversations.

My meetings on the doorstep have been positive so far, but I can tell that there is an undertone of impatience with politics as it has been - people are eager for change. After nearly a century of Labour or Conservative representation for Dartford, I can understand this frustration, and this is what compelled me to run. I want to see us do things differently. I firmly believe that Dartford can send a Liberal Democrat to Westminster.

Kyle Marsh
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