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Green partyAndy Blatchford

Why should people vote for me?
I am 53 years old and have lived and worked in Dartford for the last 18 years. I run a branch office of a UK Freight Forwarder and have been involved in International trade for 35 years.

The Green Party is a real alternative to todays politics which we believe cannot come to terms with problems the world is facing, whether through global climate change, local issues of air pollution, housing, food banks, the crisis in social care and the ongoing ideological destruction of the NHS.

I believe all these issues are linked and only through working together can we solve them, whether local or International.

I will stand for all our residents to bring about the changes that are necessary so that you and future generations will have a world to live on that is sustainable, pollution free with a better standard of living which means real decent affordable housing.

Sustainability is at the heart of all our policies and everything is aimed towards that end.

Among them to bring this about is a Green New Deal that will pay real living wages and a job that will mean something and is useful. Citizens’ income that will ultimately change how work is perceived and release people from zero hour contracts and the uncertainty of today’s employment.

We believe we are the true radical party and we are truly International with parties across every continent all working towards the same vision.

Fun Fact:
Something not quite a fun fact more oddly about me. for all the stereotyping of Greens I for one really dislike Hummus.

Andy Blatchford

LabourBachchu Kaini

Why should people vote for me?
As a local Councillor, I understand local issues and concerns. Dartford deserves a better MP. I will work hard with all to make a real change. I will make Dartford a choice for all. We need an MP who will be Dartford’s voice in Westminster. Not Westminster’s voice in Dartford.

Fun fact:
Broke a tooth when I was swimming at the age of 11.

Bachchu Kaini

UK Independence partyBen Fryer

Why should people vote for me?
After years of the same, what we now need is a true representative who puts the people of Dartford above all else. I will ensure we LEAVE the EU and prioritise local residents when it comes to key services. Our quality of life is vital. Vote for real change in Dartford.

Fun Fact:
I did alot of stage acting growing up.

Ben Fryer

ConservativeGareth Johnson

Why should people vote for me?
It has been an honour to serve Dartford for the past seven years. This is the area where I grew up so I have a good understanding of the issues that affect us all. Dartford has more people in employment than ever before and wages are rising above inflation. We have excellent schools and are building new primary and secondary schools.

Although our population is increasing and this places pressure on our health provision, the funding we are giving to the local NHS is increasing both overall and by head of population.

Recently, I was able to convince the government that building another crossing in Dartford would be disastrous for our town and the local roads that cannot cope as it is.

This means the new Lower Thames Crossing will be built away from Dartford and so we will not have to endure years of roadworks and even more pollution. I have also secured an extra £10 million to help tackle the existing congestion.

This election is about securing Britain’s future and ensuring Brexit is properly implemented. I voted for Brexit but we need a Brexit deal that works for everyone however people voted.

Gareth Johnson

IndependentOla Adewunmi

Why should people vote for me?
Dartford is in a political and economic mess which have affected the life of the ordinary people of Dartford so much . The only thing we have in Dartford is Dartford crossing which has changed nothing economically to the life of the ordinary people of Dartford . The poverty, unemployment and crime rates in Dartford has increased rate of youth crimes and anti-social behaviours in Dartford . Almost all the villages and towns in Dartford are struggling economically. Life have now become a disaster to almost everyone residing in Dartford because no one cares and have the interest of the ordinary people in mind. I am from Swanscombe and history is on my side with reference to Invicta 1066 . My vision for Dartford:

  • End to unemployment and youth crime
  • 24 Hours bus service
  • 24 hours MP surgeries
  • Extension of oyster all over Dartford
  • 90 percent resident discount for Dartford crossing
  • Structural checks and institutional checks and balances
  • Free legal service to families and individual struggling
  • Elderly care review
  • Working to improve NHS
Ola Adewunmi

Liberal DemocratSimon Beard

Why should people vote for me?
A researcher at the University of Cambridge studying threats to human civilisation. I believe in taking the long view and working to make Dartford a better place to live.

Right now, we face an onslaught of social and economic challenges, from the funding crisis in our health and social care services and cuts to our schools to Dartford’s killer air pollution and congestion.

If we carry on with business as usual, this will end in a disaster. A vote for me means an open, honest and progressive plan to plug the NHS funding gap by a 1p rise in income tax.

It means more money for our schools, rather than more ministerial vanity projects, and coordinated action to cut congestion and air pollution now. It means a return to sanity in how we negotiate Brexit and our new place in the world.

Dartford needs an MP who listens and acts to help its residents achieve their goals. Moreover, Dartford needs more choice over how things are done in this town.

If I am elected on June 8, I will strive to give you that voice. Your future, your choice.

Simon Beard
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