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Green partyAlistair Gould

Why should people vote for me?
I’m a GP and want a healthy planet and healthy people. Illness and inequality are very strongly linked, and a fair, fossil fuel-free future is what we need. It’s futile maintaining a strong and stable direction if it’s leading over a cliff, both for Brexit and the planet.

Fun fact:
I sail a very unstable type of dinghy at Whitstable, after my eighth capsize one afternoon, the crew of the rescue boat came up to me to say "This is a Sailing club , not a swimming club!"

Alistair Gould

Liberal DemocratDavid Naghi

Why should people vote for me?
I am a local man from Maidstone and my grandmother even worked in the munitions factories in Faversham, so I will not just be parachuted in like others.

Mr Naghi also competed for the constituency in 2015, but came fourth, receiving just 6.6% of the vote, with 3,039 ballots cast for him.

Fun fact:
David was a candidate for the post of police and crime commissioner.

David Naghi

ConservativeHelen Whately

Why should people vote for me?
Being an MP is an honour. If I’m re-elected, I’ll continue as I’ve started: working hard, standing up for Kent in Parliament, fighting for the things that matter and helping people. I like to get stuck in, and sort out problems that make life difficult – like buses that don’t come or slow broadband. And I’m campaigning on big questions too, like the NHS and getting a good Brexit deal. From the local to the national, I’m working to make things better for people in Kent.

Fun fact:
I'm a sucker for romcoms and period dramas - I loved The Crown and my favourite film is probably still Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Helen Whately

UK Independence partyMark McGiffin

Why should people vote for me?
MARK strongly believes that people should support UKIP because in the likely event that Theresa Mays Brexit promises fail then UKIP will be the only credible party that can take us out of the EU. In 2015 UKIP were the only party that locally supported Brexit. That included Helen Whately our incumbant MP.

So a vote for Mark is a vote for a Hard Brexit.

Mark McGiffin

LabourMichael Desmond

Why should people vote for me?
Labour has properly-costed, radical proposals which give young people a chance and can inspire the aspirational. I'm the progressive candidate most likely to do well, having achieved 16.2% of the vote last time. Our Keir Starmer is more suited to negotiate with the EU than a Prime Minister, who naively included security as a bargaining chip in her Article 50 letter.

Fun fact:
In 1979, I was representing the Labour Party at the count in Margaret Thatcher's North London constituency, when she swept pass; an official asked if I was part of her entourage? Certainly not!

Michael Desmond
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