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ConservativeDamian Collins

Why should people vote for me?
I’ve served as MP for Folkestone and Hythe since 2010, and last year was elected Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee. My priorities are securing the regeneration of our coastal communities, building more affordable homes to rent and buy, and ending the blight of lorry parking and stacking.

Fun fact:
Damian is also a published author and his first book, ‘Charmed Life, the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon’ was published last year.

Damian Collins

IndependentDavid Plumstead

Why should people vote for me?
I am standing for election as your Member of Parliament because there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, namely the District of Shepway and the constituency of Folkestone and Hythe. Democracy here has become a dead letter and that cannot be allowed to continue.

I am angry, very angry at this state of affairs and that has motivated me to contest this election - to speak my mind and confront the business-as- usual naysayers at the Civic Centre. The gloves are off and the time for plain speaking has come.

David Plumstead

Liberal DemocratLynne Beaumont

Why should people vote for me?
Nothing shows what's at stake in this election more than the Conservative plans for what has become known as the 'Dementia Tax'. This plan to make people pay for the care they may need at home is cruel. And they are taking the value of the family home into account.

That means every family in England faces the fear of having to sell their home to pay for care. That's wrong. There are better and fairer ways to solve this problem. And then there's Brexit. Yes, the people have spoken but the Conservatives and Labour seem united in going for a damaging Brexit, rather than one that gets the best deal for Britain. A vote for me is a vote against the dementia tax, for you having the final say on the Brexit deal and for a local person to fight the cuts in our NHS and schools.

Lynne Beaumont

Green partyMartin Whybrow

Why should people vote for me?
The Green Party has made excellent gains locally in the last few years, as reflected in my recent re-election to Kent County Council, through clear messages and working hard in our communities, not just popping up at election time. We need to move the environment and fighting climate change to the centre of the agenda, as part of a wider change of direction to create a more equal, humane society. Locally, we need an MP who stands with residents, not against them, who listens and responds, and who doesn't take voters for granted.

Fun fact:
I tick every Green Party cliche box, from my vegetarian shoes to my favourite music (Folkestone-based vegan band, Rudy Warman & The Heavy Weather).

Martin Whybrow

UK Independence partyStephen Priestley

Why should people vote for me?
Put an MP in Parliament that is committed to representing you and all constituents. Stephen will campaign for greater NHS primary and secondary care provision and local services and STOP the unwanted Lorry Park, Otterpool New Town and Princes Parade being built.

Fun fact:
I am known to be a talented impersonator, and have memorised long passages from Evelyn Waugh's 'Brideshead Revisited.'

Stephen Priestley

LabourLaura Davidson

Why should people vote for me?
Do you want to protect our NHS and stop GP surgeries closing? Do you want to protect our schools and budget cuts? Do you want to protect our pensioners and stop 85% losing the winter fuel allowance? Do you want to protect foxes? Vote Labour on June 8th. Hope is worth voting for.

Fun fact:
I attended many Labour party meetings in my moses basket as a baby!

Laura Davidson
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