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LabourLaura Davison

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Laura Davison

ConservativeDamian Collins

Why should people vote for me?
This election is the most important we have faced for decades, as it’ll determine whether or not Britain leaves the European Union at or before the end of January. I am the only candidate from the major parties standing in this constituency, who is committed to getting Brexit done. I will support in parliament the withdrawal agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson to take us out of the EU.

Damian Collins

The clear message I have received from people in this campaign, regardless of how they voted in the referendum, is that they want to see Brexit delivered, so that we can move on as a country and unleash Britain’s potential. We will fund record investment in our NHS, including training more GPs locally, and improving mental health support. We will increase funding for local schools and the police.

Social Democratic PartyColin Menniss

Why should people vote for me?
Born in Bromley, shaped by my south east London/Irish working-class background we moved to Kent attending Maidstone Grammar School. I am married to Nathalie and we have a beautiful girl aged 17 months. With over 32 years in law enforcement, public duty and integrity are important values to me. For decades, I and thousands of others were politically homeless. Polarisation has intensified the feeling of being unrepresented by the duopoly or the single-issue parties. If you believe in nation state democracy, that families are the foundations of our communities and want to be part of real change; then the Social Democratic Party is your new home.


Rural and coastal communities have suffered under austerity it is time to demand a better tomorrow. Housing, transport, technology, agriculture and our fishing industry are all priorities for the SDP’s investment plans. A vote for me is a vote for you and your family.

Liberal DemocratSimon Bishop

Why should people vote for me?
I am proud to be the Lib Dem candidate for Folkestone and Hythe and urge people to vote for me because: I am passionate about our great country and am not going to stand by while others wreck it. I want to stop Brexit. Remaining in the EU is the best option for securing our country's future. I also want my two daughters to grow up in a kind, tolerant, outward-facing Britain, not one defined by division and hate. I have the experience, skills and, most importantly, the integrity and decency to help fix our broken political system.

Simon Bishop

Our system, to borrow from Harry Potter, has been over-run by Slytherin, we need more Gryffindor, and I believe I can be part of that. I love Folkestone and Hythe. I grew up here, going to Saltwood Primary School and The Harvey Grammar. I want to make it an even better place to live.

Green partyGeorgina Trelour

Why should people vote for me?
I am a district councillor for Hythe and sit on the planning committee. I work as a freelance copywriter, brand strategist and project manager for businesses big and small – from major tech giants to local start-ups. I'm also doing a part-time PhD in Environmental Social Science at the University of Kent.

As a district councillor I led the council in declaring a climate and ecological emergency and am working hard to advance environmental policy that recognises the risks we face as a community.

Georgina Trelour

Other parties are greening their agendas, but only the Green Party can be trusted for absolute integrity. We need a Green New Deal and we need a fairer, more equitable society. This means more jobs in renewable energy and better, cleaner, greener public transport networks. It also means reversing austerity, protecting the NHS and getting it back on its feet.

Young Peoples PartyRohen Kapur

Why should people vote for me?
I have lived in Folkestone, since 1997. In that time, I have seen the place deteriorate; e.g. the High street, the lack of retention of GPs and the loss of the ferry. I’m local and I care. I have intimate experience of the NHS both as a service provider and user. I would want to stem the flow of GPs and increase their numbers and retention. I am standing for the Young People’s Party which is the vote for tenants who’d like to be able to buy, and small businesses who want simpler taxes. We also believe in legalising and licensing cannabis and universal basic income.


Hythe and the Shepway towns need investment and not just new housing. Infrastructure needs repairing and maintenance at regular intervals. Buses, roads, railway. Council and private rented accommodation needs improvement.

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