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ConservativeAdam Holloway

Why should people vote for me?
In this election we have a choice: a majority government that can get Brexit done and move onto other priorities for people living here – like building on a strong economy that provides jobs and pays for world class public services. Or the government of 1970s near Marxists in the form of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, probably in Coalition with the Scottish Nationalists. I entirely accept that the Gravesham Labour Party are made up of patriotic and sensible people, but the national Labour party is controlled by the above and their far left supporters in Momentum. And the Libdems want to reverse Brexit, which 65% of the people who voted in the Referendum in Gravesham voted for.

As ever, If I am elected I only promise to do my best to serve the people living here irrespective of whether or not they vote for me.

Adam Holloway

Liberal DemocratUkonu Obasi

Why should people vote for me?
This election is about Brexit. It was called because the Conservative led government had made a mess of Brexit and because they cannot agree on what leaving the EU actually means. As the candidate for the Liberal Democrats, a vote for me on the 12 th of December, is a vote to stop Brexit and to reject the failures of the Conservatives as a party of government and the Labour party as a the opposition.

We need to protect our economy. If we stop Brexit, we can free up a £50 billion Remain bonus which will be invested to reduce inequality. The Liberal Democrats have a number of great policies, like supporting people with a £10,000 training wallet for lifelong learning, helping working families with 35 hours a week of free childcare from 9 months, investing in our NHS and protecting the environment. Gravesham can vote to build a brigher future.

Ukonu Obasi

LabourLauren Sullivan

Why should people vote for me?
While Brexit is evidently as key issue in this election, a General Election is more than just one policy. It is about how we move forward in a hopeful and positive way in our society, ensuring that (as a qualified teacher) our education system and infrastructure is fit for purpose for children and young people, we have a national health service that is not for sale and has the investment it needs to look after those that need its care. A social care system that is fully funded and gives dignity in both old age and for those that need it and housing that is truly affordable and to build Council Homes again so that everyone has a decent home to live in at an affordable rate. These are such key domestic and social issues that need to be dealt with. However, Brexit, while important and needing to be resolved, has ensured that they have not got the same level of focus that is so desperately needed.

I hope to be able to present a fresh choice to Gravesham and hope that they can rely on me to be their voice in Westminster and fight for them.

Lauren Sullivan

Green partyMarna Gilligan

Why should people vote for me?
“I’m excited to be the Green Party candidate in Gravesham. I'll be making the case for a People's Vote. Now that we know what Brexit looks like, I think it's important that the people get the final say. I'll be highlighting the damage that years of austerity has caused our society and, of course, I'll be talking about the climate emergency that's facing us. I will be working to ensure that the climate crisis is at the top of the agenda here in Gravesham.”

Marna Gilligan
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