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ConservativeAdam Holloway

Why should people vote for me?
I think this election is extremely important to everyone living here.

We need to continue the strong economic recovery that enables us to fund public services, and ensure that future generations are not burdened with massive debts. We are also leaving the EU and are determined to make a success of it. Please ask yourself, who would you prefer to shepherd the economy and so protect public services from a future collapse; who do you think is more likely to make a success of Brexit? Mrs May, or Mr Corbyn?

If you re-elect me on June 8 I will continue to make people living here – completely regardless of how they vote – my priority.. We have helped more than 20,000 residents since 2005, and I have received more than 1.2 million emails.

I will continue to fight for people here who need help, and to fight against stupid wars and idiotic projects like the Lower Thames Crossing. Please don’t vote for me if you are looking for someone perfect, but do vote for me if you would like me to continue to do my best and put the people of Gravesham first.

Adam Holloway

UK Independence partyEmmanuel Feyisetan

Why should people vote for me?
UKIP is your no nonsense, people first party. Frankly, haven't we had enough of the rot of these past years?

With well costed manifesto for well funded NHS, secured borders, and immigration systrem that works.

UKIP is the only pro people common sense party, willing to stand for the country, and for what is right, irrespective of how unpopular.

Fun fact:
My mum told me the doctors were confused as they thought there was no baby in her womb when she went to deliver me.

Emmanuel Feyisetan

Liberal DemocratJames Willis

Why should people vote for me?
My aim is to do all I can to bring improvements to the lives of the Gravesham community.

I am currently a local councillor for Heath Ward, Maidstone. I am pleased to have recently returned to live in Gravesend with my family.

I campaign proactively and successfully on local issues: when I stood in the 2010 general election in Dartford I ran a successful campaign to stop the Dartford Crossing being privatised and won over 7,000 votes.

I am now working with others looking for innovative ideas to tackle congestion in North Kent.

I understand health and education difficulties.

Through my personal experiences, I have come to be a committed advocate for inclusive education and better mental health provision.

It was long after leaving school that I was diagnosed with ADHD. Having access to assistance has helped me go on to lead a fulfilling life as a small businessman, a councillor and a father.

However, many children in our schools are still let down by a system which does not support them. Instead of Theresa May’s plans for new grammar schools for the few, I believe in best-in-class education resources being made available in all schools for children of all abilities.

James Willis

LabourMandy Garford

Why should people vote for me?
I am a Labour parish councillor, a qualified teacher, a mum, an autism consultant and a core committee member for a local autism charity branch.

I’m involved in the community helping to organise community events, often to support autism families.

I attend business networking and an all-party parliamentary group for autism, discussing changes and feeding back into government policy.

Raising autism awareness is something I am passionate about. However, there are many people with many challenges.

Having previously volunteered in one of the local food banks and helped with a winter shelter for the homeless I am very aware of the damaging effects that the cuts are having on some of the most vulnerable in society.

As a former teacher I understand how schools are struggling in the current climate and the impact this is having on the children’s education and staff morale.

I believe that we can show a real alternative to austerity, a poorly-funded NHS and crumbling education system. If fortunate enough to be elected, I would be a strong voice for Gravesham in Parliament.

Mandy Garford

Green partyMarna Gilligan

Why should people vote for me?
My local priority is fighting against the proposed Lower Thames Crossing. While I’m against the proposed ‘Option C’, I also don’t want to see the crossing sited upriver at Dartford, where air pollution levels are already dangerously high.

We need to step back and look at ways to reduce traffic instead of building new roads. More widely, I will fight for proper investment in our public services, including (especially) the NHS. The Green party want nationalisation of key services like transport.

I want climate change tackled head on, with serious investment in renewable energy, air pollution drastically reduced and our homes made energy efficient.

And – speaking of homes – I want everyone to have the safe, warm home they need and deserve.

And I want to see a better democracy where everybody is represented, introducing proportional representation for parliamentary elections, reforming the House of Lords as an elected second chamber and empowering local communities to recall their MP.

Marna Gilligan

IndependentMichael Rogan

Why should people vote for me?
Having work for 28 years in the UK as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in the London market and lived in Gravesend for 21 of those I now want to give something back to the country that has been so good to me.

My aim is to take politics back to the local areas, to champion the link of businesses to schools to mentor students from age 14, to radically overhaul and improve sports facilities to attract our youth and for them to embrace and enjoy sport, to abolish parking charges at hospital car parks, set up local walk-in clinics in Gravesham for help and advice on all issues for the public and to give 20% of my salary to set up a local centre for homeless, the impoverished and the youth in the area.

Fun fact:
As a football player/manager for years in the local area with both Peacock Celtic F C and Kent Celts F C i’ve been known to comment that ‘i’ve picked potatoes as a child in better fields than those that have been given to us for football’

Michael Rogan
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