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UK Independence partyDr. Clive Egan

Why should people vote for me?
The Conservatives are going to win the Election with a comfortable majority. It is not in North Thanet’s interest to have yet one more Conservative MP who opposed Brexit and would prefer to support a very watered-down version of Brexit that means continued high immigration from the EU and other needless sacrifices. This was not what the people here voted for in the Referendum.

I believe it is my time to give back to the community where I grew up, and which I care about, and who will stand up for those who live here. Someone who will argue for increased funding of our local hospitals, social care, and for more police officers. Someone who will be fighting for the economic revival of North Thanet and Herne Bay, the reopening of Manston Airport, a good future for Dreamland, and improvements in the local infrastructure, which will boost tourism and provide jobs for local people.

Fun fact:
I’m seriously colour blind - a trait I seem to share with the Conservative Party who increasingly are confusing purple UKIP policies with their own blue ones.

Clive Egan

Green partyEd Targett

Why should people vote for me?
Former journalist Ed Targett has been a Green party member since 2004. A local dad-of-three I care hugely about issues which are on his doorstep daily.I am concerned by the cuts to schools and worried by the threat to QEQM hospital and a looming £468 million deficit in the NHS.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. I’m excited by the opportunities for the area and would like to help create even more. I’m writing to green businesses across the country inviting them invest in the area’s vacant commercial premises, creating much needed jobs.

I’d bring the area’s 2440 empty houses back into use as affordable housing, lobbying for renewed funding via the government’s “Empty Homes” programme.

I’d like to see more rail and less HGV freight coming through Kent, and I’m committed to protecting the environment, boosting our green spaces, improving play areas in our parks, and planting thousands of trees across the constituency.

Ed Targett

LabourFrances Rehal

Why should people vote for me?
People should vote for me and Labour as we offer change at home. As a nurse and health visitor I am passionate about the NHS. Labour will fund the NHS and education and stop the constant cuts. We will lift the wage cap in the public section and end tuition fees.

Fun fact:
I attempted to learn how to sign but it didn't go too well.

Frances Rehal

Liberal DemocratMartyn Pennington

Why should people vote for me?
I'm not a career politician, and I want to represent you to give you back the choice. Firstly, the choice on whether to accept a Tory-engineered deal on leaving the EU which may scrap all our EU commitments on climate change and energy conservation, on workers' rights and family life, or on putting sanctions on corrupt regimes. Secondly the choice of electing someone who will fight to stop this Government wrecking public services, from the armed forces and the police to the NHS and teachers, through mismanagement and penny-pinching. Thirdly, the choice of our future - will it be insular, backward-looking and xenophobic, or forward-looking, progressive and compassionate? Vote for us on 8 June, we will not fail you.

Fun fact:
I spent two years teaching in Madagascar and can sing their national anthem.

Martyn Pennington

ConservativeSir Roger Gale

Why should people vote for me?
Before you vote... The Prime Minister of a United Kingdom has a hard task ahead of her preparing a good deal for Brexit and at the same time managing the policies and a strong economy that will deliver the healthcare, social care, education, defence and infrastructure that the people of Great Britain have a right to demand.

Her decision to call an election and to seek the majority and the authority to do the job properly, both at home and abroad, was, in the interests of the United Kingdom, difficult, courageous and absolutely right.

As Theresa May told the House of Commons on the 29th March "At moments like these- great turning points in our national story - the choices we make define the character of our nation".

We face just such a choice on 8th June . Believe in Britain and that, with the right person in Number Ten, our best days lie ahead.

Roger Gale

Christian Peoples AllianceIris White

Why should people vote for me?
I'm not here to preach but reset our morals which face consequential issues. Pressure has been heavy but God is in control. Standing for what I believe in. Getting amongst the people of North Thanet. To support them, listen to them and get our benefits/pensions/NHS back on track.

I'm opposing pouring millions into Trident when we could use the money to build a technical defence. Opposing £485m going to Pakistan every year and using it here in the UK without cutting our aid Support. Opposing abortion bill killing 186,000 babies a year. And much more.

Fun fact:
I love to laugh! Love my dogs and I am human. Above all I love cooking and sharing with others. Politicians need to be fed. And PEACE in life!

Iris White
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