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Green partyRob Edwards

Why should people vote for me?
We need to support those who work in healthcare, provide better avenues for people to join the industry but also support and continue to keep our stroke and A & E units. Manston is a wonderful heritage site, with great history. But with a TDC climate emergency and with the need for a green revolution, it is even more important that we look at creating a green hub at Manston that can support our wind farms and other sustainable sources of energy.

Traveller encampments are an ongoing issue. We need to find a suitable site where all parties are happy and work together as the community we are. On housing, the Local Draft Plan has not been well received, we should not be building on green belt land and the small communities and towns we have cannot support the infrastructure of new homes.

Rob Edwards

LabourDr Coral Jones

Why should people vote for me?
How to measure wellbeing in North Thanet? Is it Gross Domestic Product (GDP), that is the sum of market prices, adding value to goods? Any transaction counts - selling more cars, building energy inefficient houses on green land, opening superstores with employees on zero hours contracts, transporting vegetables back and forth across the channel. Or, is it adding value to our communities? Affordable, warm eco homes with green public spaces, food for all. A £10 per hour minimum wage with in-work training and apprenticeships. Jobs with investment in house building, renovation and renewable energy.

Promote environmental research and tech jobs through better teaching of science at school. Encourage university graduates to stay in North Thanet with opportunities for jobs, housing, healthy environment protecting our coastal wetlands and beaches.I will be a hard working MP, fighting for investment in North Thanet Now. No more poverty, prosperity, health and even happiness.

Frances Rehal

Liberal DemocratAngie Curwen

Why should people vote for me?
Healthcare: It is hard to get a doctor’s appointment or find an NHS dentist. Liberal Democrats pledge to end the GP shortfall by 2025 and provide additional investment in mental health. Angie will fight for stoke, A&E and maternity services to be kept local in QEQM and Canterbury Hospitals. Manston: Manston Airport was bought for £1 in 2013 and sold to developers in 2014 rightly caused local outrage. Whilst struggling financially, Manston was the sixth largest UK airport in air freight tonnage in 2012, according to www.airportwatch.org.uk/freight. While demand for importing goods via air is increasing or static it makes sense that Manston is revived rather than building another runway in another location, however there must be a commitment to “No night flights”. The travelling community should be treated the same as any ethnic group and in turn should respect the communities they rest in. Sadly, this is not always the case and there is a lot of anger about this in our communities.

I advocate an increased number of licensed sites with local communities, the traveller community and the police liaison teams working closely together to agree on suitable sites. Liberal Democrats will reform planning to ensure developers are required to provide essential local infrastructure from affordable homes to schools, surgeries and roads alongside new homes.

Angie Curwen

ConservativeSir Roger Gale

Why should people vote for me?
We have to look at secondary healthcare in the context of East Kent, not one part of it. We have to ensure that services are located so that we can provide the best possible healthcare for the most number of people. I have always taken that approach even when it is at times politically unattractive and I will continue to do so. Manston Airport is a national asset that must be reopened. I have supported this cause consistently. The travelling community has created major difficulties for businesses and residents in Thanet.

To exercise fair and proper control we have to locate a site for a legal encampment with proper facilities for genuine travellers. That location has to be the subject of very full public consultation. We have to revisit the proposals for thousands more houses contained within the Thanet local plan. While we need to provide affordable housing to meet local demands and growth, all development must make use of brownfield sites before building on agricultural land. And it must be supported by developer-funded healthcare, education and transport infrastructure.

Roger Gale
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