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Sittingbourne and Sheppey

ConservativeGordon Henderson

Why should people vote for me?
I am making no promises at this election, other than to continue representing the people of Sittingbourne and Sheppey to the best of my ability. However, if I am re-elected, there are some things I will be doing. They are: 1) Supporting Boris Johnson in his efforts to ensure the UK leaves the EU by 31st January 2020. 2) Pushing for another secondary school on Sheppey in order to provide Island parents with a choice and reduce the pressure on schools in Sittingbourne. 3) Continuing to lobby the Government to reduce the housing target imposed on Swale. 4) Pressing for an early start to redevelopment of the Stockbury Roundabout and for other local road improvements. 5) Seeking Government help to encourage more doctors into our area. 6) Working with prison officers in their campaign to have their retirement age reduced from 68, which is far too late.


Liberal DemocratBen J Martin

Awaiting statement.......

Green partySam Collins

Awaiting statement....

Offical Monster raving loony partyMike Young

Why should people vote for me?

Brexit: The Loony Party originally proposed that there should have been three choices in the referendum: In, Out or Shake It All About. Undeniably the third choice has come true. If we do leave then let’s embrace the rest of the World and we will have the oyster at our feet.

Education: Reduce class sizes by making the children sit closer together.

Health: Free canned laughter on the NHS.

Environment: I pledge to superglue myself to the cliffs of Sheppey in protest at the sea eroding our precious Island.

Infrastructure: The major redevelopment of Rushenden no longer includes a Marina. Instead, let’s build a Spaceport there to service the International Space Station. The number 368 bus service would have to be reinstated for ferrying Astronauts, etc to and fro. The nearby Port of Sheerness handles huge quantities of bananas which are an ideal food to have whilst in Space.

Mad Mike Young

IndependentLee McCall

Awaiting statement.....

LabourClive Johnson

Why should people vote for me?
Sittingbourne and Sheppey is not typical of the prosperous South-East. We have unacceptable levels of poverty that may be deep-seated but have been made much worse by the years of Tory austerity. The whole community is deprived of decent public services; the worst ratio of GPs to patients in the country and chronic shortages of school places and underfunded services.

The problems of poverty cannot be met by complacency. As MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey I will tackle these problems, raising employment opportunities through investment from pre-school children’s centres to further and higher education. We must improve the quality of local housing stock and we must attract health professionals into our constituency. People want “Brexit done” but can we trust Boris Johnson not to sell out our employment, consumer and environment rights and our NHS if he wins a majority?

Mike Rolfe

IndependentMonique Bonney

Awaiting statement.....

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