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Kent Police give written warning to driver caught mounting pavement outside Autoworld in Faversham

Police say a current backlog of case files has resulted in a dangerous driver who mounted the pavement escaping any form of punishment.

The force admits it has had to re-categorise incidents where people have not been injured - meaning a rogue pick-up driver in Faversham got away with just a written warning.

Watch the shocking driving here

Footage shows the impatient motorist storm past another vehicle by going onto the pavement outside the Autoworld car dealership in Forbes Road.

The driver who captured the illegal manoeuvre on their dashcam sent the recording to Kent Police in the hope action would be taken.

However, after a back and forth with the force, the complainant was told the driver would not be prosecuted due to a "backlog" of cases.

An email from a traffic caseworker seen by KentOnline reads: "Please be advised with the current backlog we currently have we have had to re-categorise what we can and cannot deal with as per our new policy.

"Our resources have to be put into more serious files where people have been injured."

"As long as you don't kill or seriously injure anyone, then you get away with it..."

A written warning was sent to the driver, however, the absence of a penalty has angered the correspondent who sent in the footage.

"So can any driver now go on the pavement when they want to? They'd get away with it," they said."It's ridiculous. There could have been a pedestrian on the path, but thankfully there wasn't.

"I won't be reporting driving incidents anymore. What's the point if the police can't be bothered to take it further?

"As long as you don't kill or seriously injure anyone, then you get away with it.

"The system to submit a report is difficult with Kent Police. You can't just upload your dashcam footage on the online form like other police forces, it's awkward to do and probably puts people off."

The driver mounted the kerb by the car dealership
The driver mounted the kerb by the car dealership

The incident in Faversham happened on April 25. The Highway Code states how a dangerous driving offence can result in an unlimited fine, two-year jail term or disqualification.

Careless driving, meanwhile, can result in an unlimited fine or disqualification.

Section 72 of the Highways Act 1835 says: "If any person shall wilfully ride upon any footpath or causeway by the side of any road...shall for each and every such offence forfeit and pay any sum not exceeding [level 2 on the standard scale], over and above the damages occasioned thereby." This is up to £500.

In a statement provided to KentOnline, the force says it opted not to take further action against the driver as the complainant did not wish to attend court.

It said: "The correspondent raised concerns about the manner of the other motorist’s driving and, following a review by the traffic summons team, an investigation was commenced.

"The person reporting the incident subsequently stated they were not willing to attend court to give evidence and, in consequence, a formal warning letter was sent by Kent Police to the driver of the other vehicle."

Karen McMillan, head of central processing at the police force, says drivers should continue to send in dashcam footage.

"Members of the public can report alleged traffic offences and submit relevant video footage to Kent Police online," she said.

The truck used the path outside the car dealership to make the overtake
The truck used the path outside the car dealership to make the overtake

"Digital evidence, such as dashcam and mobile phone footage, has proven to be of particular value to officers investigating serious road traffic incidents and other criminal offences.

"While we encourage people who capture suspected offences on their devices to report these online, a successful prosecution will depend on the willingness of the footage owner to attend court. Where they do not wish to be a witness, alternative options such as a warning letter will be considered."

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