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Art project will give audience chance to experience journey of asylum seeker crossing Channel

A new art project will give people the opportunity to experience the journey of an asylum seeker making the dangerous journey across the English Channel.

Just An Other Crossing comes from Folkestone artist Andre Verissimo aka Local Foreigner who crossed the body of water on a small boat and captured the journey in 360 degree film to create an immersive installation.

Photo taken from the film, Just An Other Crossing, by Andre Verissimo
Photo taken from the film, Just An Other Crossing, by Andre Verissimo

Audiences will experience the journey on a virtual reality headset whilst listening to the sound of their own heartbeat amplified live with a doppler onto surround speakers.

The artist said: "The idea for this project came whilst I was walking along the coast in Folkestone, where I live, and came across an inflatable boat and life jackets that had just been left.

"I asked myself: 'What is it like to be faced with your own mortality when seeking sanctuary?'

"In a world that is interconnected and interdependent, how can we build bridges between ourselves and others through empathy and imagination?"

The exhibition will be shown as part of the Folkestone Triennial Fringe and will launch this weekend.

It will play both Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 5pm on the Harbour Arm.

It will continue the weekend after, on Saturday and Sunday, September 25 and 26.

To book, click here.

It comes as a record number of people have made the journey between France and the UK this year.

At least 14,400 people have crossed the Channel on board small boats, with the total for 2021 so far already 6,000 higher than the number of people who made the crossing in 2020.

Yesterday, UK authorities had to rescue 222 people as part of 10 crossings, while French authorities intercepted 95 people.

Home Secretary Priti Patel was pictured in Dover this week meeting with Border Force and immigration enforcement teams.

The Folkestone Triennial is also currently running in the town. For more, click here.

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