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George Mee 'never intended to kill' Liam May when he stabbed him 11 times in Folkestone

A 21-year-old man accused of attempted murder after stabbing a former friend 11 times with a knife said he never intended to kill him.

George Mee admitted stabbing his rival as he told a jury how the pair had fallen out over Facebook postings.

Victim Liam May needed treatment for 11 stab wounds after the attack in Folkestone.

The attack happened in Biggins Wood Road in Folkestone
The attack happened in Biggins Wood Road in Folkestone

Mee told the jury at Canterbury Crown Court: "It was never my intention to kill him.

"I am terrible sorry for what happened. Terribly sorry. I feel disgusted with myself."

He revealed incidents between the former pals when he needed hospital treatment following an attack with a baseball bat and a hockey stick.

Mee, who denies attempted murder, claimed that someone had used his Facebook account to send a message about victim Liam May's ADHD condition.

As a result Mr May sent him a message saying he was going to "slap (his) grandfather's grave".

Mee, who was dressed in a grey suit and black tie, told the court he had gone to May’s house to ask why he had made the threat and claimed he was later struck with a baseball bat.

The attack happened in Biggins Wood Road in Folkestone
The attack happened in Biggins Wood Road in Folkestone

He said after that incident the two were no longer friends and claimed that when they met "May knocked me into dog pooh and he and his friends then laughed".

Mee, of Cromwell Park Place in Folkestone, also claimed May later struck him with a hockey stick fracturing an elbow.

He told the jury: "After that I was very frightened. I thought he could attack me at any time if I saw him."

In January this year he bought a knife from a fishing shop in Tontine Street.

Asked why, he replied: “I stupidly bought the knife for self protection."

After winning £100 after gambling on roulette at Paddy Power, he decided to go to Jack Thrale's caravan in Biggins Wood Road, Folkestone.

"I purchased the cannabis and then I saw Liam May was there. I then left to go back to the car.

Canterbury Crown Court (5755141)
Canterbury Crown Court (5755141)

"Then I realised I had lost the money that I originally had. I went to look for it but initially couldn't find it.”

He denied he returned to the caravan looking for revenge.

He added: “I thought something was going to happen and I was wary.

"I found the money on a concrete floor. I was in a rush and as I went to pick it up I slipped and fell into the caravan.

"Liam then stood up and started fighting. He started punching me. He grabbed me around the waist and I blacked out.

"The knife was in my trouser pocket. I don't remember using the knife.

"I have just a very blurred memory of what happened. I just wanted him to get off me.

"I was feeling quite scared and unsure about what was going to happen.”

Mee said he accepted he had caused the injuries with the knife.

He added: “But I never intended to kill him - not at all. I really didn't know what I was doing."

The following day he heard police were looking for him and he handed himself in at the station.

The trial continues.

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