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Medieval ghoul haunts Mexican restaurant in New Romney High Street

By Sean Axtell

A faceless ghoul in medieval garb is believed to stalk the corridors of a restaurant, hiding ornaments, keys, and even whispering his name into the owner’s ear.

Husband and wife Margarette Grant-Brown-Ramirez and John Ramirez-Mejia say a friendly phantom haunts their Mexican restaurant in New Romney High Street.

Mrs Grant-Brown-Ramirez said: “We’ve had electric candles turned upside down, doors locked, keys are always going missing, shadows, bits of equipment go missing, ornaments disappear and come back two or three months later.”

The 66-year-old added when she called for the spectre to reveal its name, she heard a sharp whisper of the name ‘Robin’, as she lay in bed.

Mr Ramirez-Mejia told how he came face to face with the apparition late at night, as the cream-coloured visitor crossed the corridor.

He said: “He was wearing medieval pyjamas, walking slowly, you could only see his clothes, not his body or face.

“There wasn’t a shadow and he was fairly short, about five foot two inches.”

The couple, who set up Santa Fe Mexican and Ecuadorean restaurant four years ago, claim previous residents have been driven out from the property because of the spooky-goings on.

They say because haunted incidents occur about every two months, they are not only comfortable with the situation, but indeed welcome it.

Mrs Grant-Brown-Ramirez said: “I don’t think he wants to harm us, if he wanted to he would have done it by now.

“I speak to him all the time.

“I say see you later Wallie, we call him Wallie because he walks through walls.

“I say ‘see you later, (we) won't be long, keep an eye on the house for us.’ "

The couple, who believe the house is haunted by multiple ghosts, added it helps create an ambient atmosphere for restaurant guests.

Mr Ramirez-Mejia continued: “It only tends to happen upstairs, there are parts which suddenly become extremely cold.

“Once, what felt like a cat suddenly leapt on the bed, but when I looked there wasn’t a cat there.”

Mrs Grant-Brown-Ramirez, who claims to be a sceptic, said ‘medieval etching’ on a door is in fact code, showing ghosts how to leave the premises.

She added: “It’s all very strange, there’s definitely something here.

"We should do a ghost tour.”

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