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George Mee from Folkestone jailed for 10 years after plunging knife into former school friend

A man who was stabbed 11 times said goodbye to his mum on the phone believing he was going to die.

Liam May’s chilling words came moments after ex-school pal George Mee repeatedly plunged the blade into his face, chest, stomach and arms.

Mee, 21, was jailed for 10 years today after pleading guilty to wounding with intent at a previous hearing.

George Mee. Picture: Kent Police
George Mee. Picture: Kent Police

Mr May told Canterbury Crown Court he is scarred for life with a drooping face incapable of smiling, following the assault.

“Due to the damage caused by the knife I can no longer use that hand for anything.

"If I go outside my body feels warm but my hand feels cold.

“My face droops, I can’t smile any more - I’m scarred for life.

“Because of the scar on my face I wear a beard, it isn’t really me, I feel like a tramp,” he said in a statement.

Canterbury Crown Court
Canterbury Crown Court

The ex-grounds worker, who lost his job with Croydon Council as a result of his injuries, said medical complications have hindered reconstructive surgery.

He added knives trigger flashbacks following the trauma and so he must avoid the cutlery drawer.

“The mental side of things have been equally destructive.

"I have now been diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I either sleep too much or not enough, I have panic attacks and flashbacks, I constantly break into tears and cry, things trigger me off.

“I avoid the cutlery draw and eat with a fork.

“I feel like I’m sponging off other people while on benefits.”

The ex-Pent Valley pupil continued: “The very worst thing is on the day this happened I had to make a phone call no one would ever want to make.

“I made a phone call to my mum saying good bye because I thought I was going to die.”

Mr May’s sisters and mother, who were sat 10 foot away from Mee, became visibly distraught as prosecutor Peter Forbes read the statement.

Judge James O'Mahony told a packed court Mee had used a “fearsome weapon” and missed vital organs.

He added: “There had been some bad blood between you and Liam May in the past. In that caravan you attacked Liam May with a knife, there were 11 injuries.

“The effects of that were devastating.”

After winning £100 gambling on roulette at Paddy Power, Mee went to Jack Thrale's caravan armed with the knife where he saw Mr May.

The attack happened in Biggins Wood Road
The attack happened in Biggins Wood Road

The court heard Mee, of Cromwell Park Place in Folkestone, had been bingeing on cocaine, alcohol and cannabis before the attack at the Biggins Wood Road property in Cheriton on June 13.

Prosecutor Peter Forbes said: "There was a short exchange between them, the defendant left and in a few minutes he returned, and then the attack occurred.

"He was armed with a knife and he launched into a repeated attack with the knife upon Liam May.

"There were a number of blows, many of them penetrating wounds.

"It caused injuries to the chest causing a partially collapsed lung, injuries to the left side of the face, arms, hand and abdomen."

Mee, who dressed in a grey suit at court, was later arrested but gave a no comment police interview.

He later admitted stabbing his rival and told a jury how the pair had fallen out over Facebook postings.

Last year Mee, represented by Gordon Ross, faced a trial for attempting to murder Mr May - but a jury failed to agree.

The Crown Prosecution Service then accepted Mee’s plea to a lesser charge, wounding with intent.

Mitigating, Mr Ross told a packed court his client was remorseful and immature for his age.

Mee said in a previous hearing: "It was never my intention to kill him. I am terrible sorry for what happened, terribly sorry. I feel disgusted with myself."

After sentencing, DS Richard Allingham added: "Kent Police is committed to tackling knife crime culture and removing dangerous weapons from our communities.

"Thankfully Mee will now serve time in prison where he’ll no longer pose a threat to the public."

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