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Bus left blocking A227 Gravesend Road, Wrotham

by Barney Riley

A bus was discovered mysteriously abandoned and horizontally blocking a main road.

Dashcam footage captured the moment one driver came across the ditched vehicle on the A227 in Wrotham last Monday.

Dashcam footage captures the discovery

It is believed the bus may have been turning from neighbouring Fairseat Lane and had become stuck while performing the manoeuvre.

The white vehicle was seen sat in the bushes either side across Gravesend Road in the pitch black.

The motorist who discovered the scene said: "I was driving home from work on Monday evening at 11pm and saw this bus come out of nowhere.

"You can just about see as I approach it there is a van on the other side who approached at the same time and proceeded to do a u-turn as I approached.

"You cannot see from the video but behind the bus at the back is another road leading on to the road I was driving down.

"It is on quite a steep incline so I assume the bus came down this road, was not able to stop and rolled into the road effectively marooning itself.

One driver told of their surprise at seeing the obstruction. Picture: SWNS
One driver told of their surprise at seeing the obstruction. Picture: SWNS

"There were no other people around apart from the other van, no hazards, no warning signs on approach.

"I have no idea when or how it was removed or why it had been left there without any kind of warning.

"My initial reaction was of course to just slow down and stop and then I turned around and found another way around it.

"Although it is on a main road it is very quiet at that time of night so there were not any other cars piling up behind.

"I did not call the emergency services and even though I have looked I have not heard of any other announcements."

The bus was left blocking the road. Picture: SWNS
The bus was left blocking the road. Picture: SWNS

Police confirmed it was called on June 27 to a report of a collision involving a coach on Gravesend Road, Wrotham.

Officers attended and the vehicle, which was causing an obstruction, was moved from the scene.

No injuries were reported and a spokesman added: "Our records do not show any other vehicle was involved."

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