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GCSE results for Gravesham and Dartford

By Messenger Reporter

Hundreds of pupils are receiving their GCSE results today.

Follow the results for Gravesham and Dartford here as we get them.

Leigh Academies Trust

Building on excellent A-level and primary academy results, the trust said it was delighted to share its provisional GCSE results.

The trust runs the Leigh Academy, Wilmington Academy and The Leigh UTC in Dartford, as well as Longfield Academy.

Across all LAT academies, roughly six in 10 pupils achieved the new Standard Pass of a grade 4 in both English and maths. Pupils attained well across the full range of subjects and most will take up places from September in one of the trust’s post-16 centres offering A-levels, BTECs and the new International Baccalaureate Careers-related Programme.

Harrison Carnell-Davis, Paige Baldwin, Jemma Giles, George Anderson, Ewan Adams, (front) Jacob Honess, Harrie Jenson at Leigh Academy
Harrison Carnell-Davis, Paige Baldwin, Jemma Giles, George Anderson, Ewan Adams, (front) Jacob Honess, Harrie Jenson at Leigh Academy

The trust said especially pleasing was the best set of results on record for Mascalls Academy and The Leigh UTC, plus Wilmington Academy, which achieved its best results in recent years since reforms of the Gove-era began to take hold.

Simon Beamish, chief executive of Leigh Academies Trust, said: “It’s all change again at GCSE. This year sees the introduction of much more demanding courses in English and maths.

"The content students have been expected to cover this year is much wider-ranging and academically more challenging than before. All assessment is now by terminal examination at the end of year 11 with no opportunities for written or spoken coursework like in previous years.

“Despite the greater demands placed on students and the high rates of volatility in school
performance widely reported across the media, students throughout LAT have achieved admirably.

"I am very proud of them and hugely grateful to all of our staff for their hard work and endless support. When the dust settles on this year’s results, I am confident that our academies will emerge yet again as amongst the best in the region.”

Cobham Hall

Several pupils got top grades under the new marking system, putting them in the top 3% in the UK.

Girls get an all round education, and were successful across all subject areas, from maths to music, science to Latin.

A total of 87.5% of pupils achieved at least five A*-C grades including the equivalent in the newly graded mathematics and English.

With Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, declaring that the new GCSEs have “questions of a level of difficulty that we have not seen since the abolition of O-levels in 1987”, Cobham Hall saw just under 25% of girls score 8 or 9 in mathematics (equivalent to A* and above).

A total of 13% of those scored the highest grade 9, which has been awarded to only the top 3% across the country. In addition, 50% of English students achieved grades 7–9 (equivalent to A and above), with 20% scoring the top grade 9.

Success was not limited to mathematics and English. Of those girls taking the three sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics, 30% achieved A-A* in all three disciplines.

Music students did particularly well, with 100% achieving A or A*, and 80% of Latin students bagged A-A* grades.

In addition, the school celebrated another year of excellent London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) awards, where 69% of students passed their examinations with a Distinction, including the two girls taking the Gold Medal award for Musical Theatre.

Headmaster Paul Mitchell said: "I am delighted with this year’s GCSE results. Our girls have worked exceptionally hard and been very well supported by their dedicated teachers.

"These excellent results are well deserved. The fact that several girls have obtained the new Grade 9 in all the subjects in which it is currently awarded (mathematics, English language and English literature) shows how well they and their teachers have adapted to the new examinations. This grade is only awarded to the top 3% of pupils nationally.

"The proportion of A* and A grades across other subjects is also high and it should be remembered that Cobham Hall is not academically selective.

“However, as ever at Cobham Hall, the most pleasing feature of the results is the high value added score, reflecting that a number of girls performed significantly better than they could reasonably be expected to do.

"This, along with success in other areas such as LAMDA examinations and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, shows the benefit of an education that emphasises qualities such as resilience and independence along with academic performance."

Thamesview School

Head teacher Harry Ingham said: "Thamesview students have responded well to the new, tougher GCSE system.

"A total of 52% of students gained a 4+ in English and maths GCSEs and 27% achieved a 5+ in English and maths GCSEs.

"Well done to all our students and to all our staff who worked extremely hard all year."

Thamesview pupils
Thamesview pupils

Frazer Lee, 16, from Gravesend, got the new grade 5, the equivalent of a B, in English and maths.

The teenager, who is getting money from his parents for his grades, said: "I don't like this new grading system. I could have done better but everyone says that."

He will stay on for sixth form and study business, Italian and psychology.

Frazer Lee and Robyn Lacey
Frazer Lee and Robyn Lacey

Robyn Lacey, also 16 and from Gravesend, got an 8 in English, equal to an old A grade, an A* in history and Bs in business and French.

Robyn, who plans to study English literature, business, psychology and Italian next year, said: "I'm really, really pleased. I was hoping for these grades but I wasn't sure I'd get them.

"It's weird having numbers and I'm worried about explaining them to future employers but it's fine."

Mohammed Khayer
Mohammed Khayer

Mohammed Khayer, 16, from Gravesend, got 7, the equivalent to a B, in maths and English language as well as B in history.

He said: "I was expecting these grades but I'm still pleased. It feels weird having numbers but it's still the same.

"I'm going to my Nan's house now to celebrate with my family."

Mohammed will study maths, business and history at Gravesend Grammar School for the next two years and hopes to go to university after that.

Cara Dixon
Cara Dixon

Cara Dixon, 16, from Gravesend, was delighted with her 9 in English literature. She also got A* in history and A in drama.

The teenager said: "I wasn't expecting the 9, I was aiming for a 7. I didn't actually think I did that well. I'm happy, very happy."

Cara, who studied Jekyll and Hyde and Romeo and Juliet for her English literature GCSE, will take the same subject along with history and sociology at Mayfield Grammar School next year.

Bethany Jarrett celebrates with mum Amie Brown
Bethany Jarrett celebrates with mum Amie Brown

Bethany Jarrett, 16, from Gravesend, was pleased with her 7 in English language, 6 in English literature, A in history and B in French.

She said: "I'm happy with the results, they were what I was expecting.

"I don't like the new number grades - it's out of 9 so saying you've got a 6 doesn't sound as good as a B."

Bethany, who is off to study A-levels in English literature, history and psychology at Gravesend Grammar School, added: "I don't know how to celebrate, I might buy myself something."

Ebbsfleet Academy

Kayla Samson is heading off to study the International Baccalaureate with some great results but not before a curry tonight with mum and dad Michelle and Bradley.

She wants to do the IB as it offers a broader range of options.

Kayla Samson with parents Michelle and Bradley.
Kayla Samson with parents Michelle and Bradley.

She said: "I'll do six subjects instead of three so it will open up more opportunities.

"I was really nervous this morning but I'm alright now; I'm happy."

Sam Goodman, from Greenhithe, has plans to become a maths teacher or accountant after his grade 8 in maths and is set to stay on at Ebbsfleet Academy's sixth form, studying A-levels.

He said: "I'm looking forward to doing maths, to extend my knowledge a bit more.

Sam Goodman at Ebbsfleet Academy
Sam Goodman at Ebbsfleet Academy

"I wasn't confident at all this morning. It's just a feeling - you don't know until it comes to it. I was a bit scared."

Leigh UTC

Principal Steve Leahey said: “I am extremely proud of our Year 11 GCSE students reaching their potential across all their subjects at The Leigh UTC.

"We have improved our performance from 2016 with our strongest set of academic outcomes.

“One of our core aims is to get more girls into engineering and IT. Our girls have excelled this year and will be future role models for those choosing STEM careers”.

He added that following on from the excellent Post 16 results last week, and the large number of students being employed in jobs within engineering and IT or going to university, staff and governors were delighted.

Jason Wenden (2A*,3A and 3B), Charlie Dring (2A, 3B and 4C), Robbie White (2A, 5B and 2C), Artur Bujok (1A*, 1A, 1B and 6C), Ewen Johnston (1A*,2A,3B and 2C)
Jason Wenden (2A*,3A and 3B), Charlie Dring (2A, 3B and 4C), Robbie White (2A, 5B and 2C), Artur Bujok (1A*, 1A, 1B and 6C), Ewen Johnston (1A*,2A,3B and 2C)

The UTC is now in its second year of results and will be taking its first pupils from the age 11 in September 2017.

A*-C grades improved in 70% of subjects since 2016 and A*-A improved by 68%. Pupils achieved at least two grades better than predicted from their previous school demonstrating the UTC’s rapid progress being made at Key stage 4.

Highlights included: English 9-4 63%, maths 9-4 63%, engineering A*-C 100%, IT A*-C 100%, art A*-C 75%, financial studies A*-C 100%.

Harry Hopgood (1B, 3C), Morgan Stansell (9 in English, 1A*, 2A and 4B), Kieran Edwards 1B and 6C.
Harry Hopgood (1B, 3C), Morgan Stansell (9 in English, 1A*, 2A and 4B), Kieran Edwards 1B and 6C.

Keith Ellis, chairman of governors and managing director of Kenard Engineering, said: "I’m delighted to congratulate all the students on their excellent results this year.

"They’re to be commended for all their hard work and should be very proud of what they’ve achieved. It’s extremely encouraging to see the positive learning experience and support provided by the dedicated team at The Leigh UTC translating into opportunities for students to realise their highest potential.

"The results also continue to show the benefits of a business-led problem-solving curriculum, which is so important for employers and young people at the start of their careers.”

Northfleet School for Girls

Headteacher Chris Norwood said: "We are extremely pleased to announce that in a year of significant result turbulence we have maintained our good and further improving standards as identified by Ofsted in February.

"73% of students achieved a C equivalent pass in English and 67% in maths, showing a further increase on last year’s results despite the introduction of the new tougher GCSE qualifications.

"Results across other subjects were also very strong and we would like to congratulate all students on their well-deserved success.

"We are particularly proud of our students’ attainment at the highest levels with three attaining grade 9 in English, this is equivalent to the top 2% of students nationally."

Pupils who did particularly well included:

  • Faiida Babalola 9 (A*) in English literature, 9 in English, 8 (A*) in maths, A in geography, A in history, A in science core and additional, A in further maths and B in French, totalling 8 A*/A grades.
  • Dejoy Shitta for achieving 8 in English language, 7 in English literature, 8 in maths, A in
  • geography, A in science core and additional, A* in Spanish, A in further maths, merit in
  • health and social care and B in ICT, totalling 8 A*/A grades.
  • Kanwal Preet Kaur for achieving 6 in English, 8 in maths, A in computing, A* in Italian, A in
  • science core and additional, A* in ethics and Distinction in business.
  • Catherine Broadhurst for achieving 7 in English, 7 in maths, A in geography, A* in history,
  • A in science core and A* in science additional, A in business, B in further maths and B in computing.
Smiles for Deejoy Shitta
Smiles for Deejoy Shitta

Mr Norwood added: "We are very proud our students’ achievements, they worked extremely hard throughout their GCSE years and deserve these positive grades.

"I know that that they will now use this as a springboard to further successful studies and aspirational careers."

Leigh Academy

There were plenty of happy faces and proud parents on GCSE results day at the Leigh Academy in Dartford.

Principal Julia Collins acknowledged this year’s students had it tough in being the first to be marked using the new scoring system for English and maths. However, she said the school had plenty to be proud of.

She said: “It has been difficult with the changes but we’re pleased with our results overall.

“We are exceptionally proud of our students, in this difficult year of change they have proved they can rise to the challenge and ensure that they are successful.

"We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to Post 16 and continuing their educational journey.”

One of those who excelled was David Williams, who is hoping to go to Maidstone Grammar School for sixth form. His top marks were in English and history.

He said: “I did quite well. I passed English but then I thought I would do, and I got an 8, which I think is the equivalent of an A*.

“I got an A* in history too and an A in biology. I was nervous about all of it.”

David Williams and Victoria Lilley
David Williams and Victoria Lilley

David is not the only pupil looking to move to a grammar school. Korede Bademosi has a few options available to her and is weighing up whether to go to Dartford Grammar School, where she would have to take on the International Baccalaureate rather than A-levels.

“I felt sick when I woke up this morning, there was a knot in my stomach and I couldn’t breathe,” she said.

“I am a bit disappointed with my sciences because I was predicted straight As and got straight Bs, but overall I am ecstatic, especially with English and maths because I thought it was going to be awful.”

Another happy pupil was Victoria Lilley, whose top grades made for unusual reading as they were spread across three different scoring systems.

She secured As in history and biology, an 8 and a 7 for English language and literature, and a distinction star in drama.

“I am really pleased because I did better than I thought I would,” she said.

“The subjects with the new scoring were quite hard because we had no past papers to look at to revise, so we just had to revise everything.

“We had after-school revision clubs and the teachers had a rough idea so that helped.”

Some of Leigh Academy’s other strong performers were Harrison Carnell-Davis, Jacob Honess, Paige Baldwin, Jemma Giles, Harrie Jenson, George Anderson, Ewan Adams, and Holly Redmill.

Holly, who couldn’t hide her delight at surpassing her own expectations, is one of those who will be staying at the school for sixth form.

“I thought I was going to fail everything, but I didn’t,” she said.

“Maths I passed, I got a 6 in English, and a distinction in drama — those were my best ones.”

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

More than twenty students at Wilmington Grammar School for Girls attained the new grade 9.

Emma Stone and Molly Ratcliffe
Emma Stone and Molly Ratcliffe

Half of all the grades picked up on results day were either A* or A, or their equivalent on the new 1-9 scale for English and maths.

Charlotte Turton and Emma Jones were picked out for a special congratulations, having achieved the highest points score at the school.

Daniella Kwakye and Seyitan Oyegbola
Daniella Kwakye and Seyitan Oyegbola

Head teacher Sue Hunt said: “We are immensely proud of our students who’s dedication to their studies has culminated in such a strong set of GCSE results — well done girls.”

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

There was more success at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, with 70% of all grades ranging from A* to B.

Students performed particularly well in maths, with 39% of all grades at an 8 or 9.

Edward Hayward, Muhammed Abdur-Raffey, and Nathaniel Hillman achieved two 9s in maths and English, as well as a clutch of A* and A grades, and 24 pupils scored an average A grade across all of their subjects.

Dartford Science and Technology College

A statement from the school said: "Following on from a 'good' Ofsted in March, the Year 11 students at DSTC have achieved well.

"72% of students gained a standard pass in English, of which 55% achieved a strong pass and three achieved the coveted and rare grade 9. 58% achieved a standard pass in maths with three students achieving a grade 8.

"Overall 52% of students achieved a standard pass in English and maths combined. These are excellent results for all concerned."

Notable successes included: A*-C in textiles (88%), media (83%), biology (77%), chemistry (74%), and product design (75%).

Pupils who did well included:

Vili Koleva with 3A*, 3A, 1B, 1C, English language 6, English literature 8 and maths 8.

Rebecca Copsey with 1A*, 5A, 1B, English language 8, English literature 9 and maths 8.

Bella Coleman with 6A, 1B, English language 7, English literature 8 and maths 7.

Arinola Ogunjimi with 6A, 1B, English language 6, English literature 8 and maths 7.

Amber Barnes with 4A, 1B, 1C, English language 8, English literature 9 and maths 6.

Principal Anne Davis said: "I am delighted that so many girls achieved good grades and that the results for English language and literature were outstanding.

"The changes in the maths and English examinations added pressure to an already difficult time for students but they did their best and should be pleased with their results, as we are."

Meopham School

Meopham School described their results as "fantastic" and were pleased that 61% of students achieved the new grade 4, or above, in both English and maths.

In addition, 74% secured a grade 4 or above in English while 68% got a grade 4 or above in maths.

In science, 78% achieved C or above and in French it was 85%.

Emma Wedge and Charlie Richards get their results at Meopham School
Emma Wedge and Charlie Richards get their results at Meopham School

Exceptional student successes included Lillie Matthews, who achieved 12 A*-B grades. Lillie also gained a grade 9 in English, the highest possible grade in the new awards system, and a grade 8 in maths.

Lillie said: "I’m just so pleased with my results. I tried really hard and my teachers supported me all the way. To get the top grade in English is a real shock."

Charlie Richards, who got 10 A*-B grades, said: "I didn’t think I’d do so well, but I have and I’m just so happy right now."

Outstanding results were also achieved by Emma Wedge, with 9 A*-B grades, and Grace Toombs, who got 8 A*-B grades.

Headteacher, Suzanne Dickinson, said: “We are thrilled with the outcomes achieved by our students again this year. The new reformed GCSEs in English and maths are incredibly rigorous and we are delighted that our students have thrived under this additional pressure.

“We are delighted that our academic and family ethos in a small school setting is producing such excellent outcomes for our pupils.”

Acting deputy headteacher, Matt Pyrke, said: “Once again students at Meopham School have shown what hard work and pure determination to succeed can do. I am extremely proud of what they have achieved.”

Gravesend Grammar School

Ten pupils at Gravesend Grammar School got top grades in all their subjects and more than 40% of grades were at the top level.

The number of boys attaining success in the English Baccalaureate also went up from last year, while 98% of students got 'pass' grades in five or more subjects including the new English and maths exams.

Boys at Gravesend Grammar School celebrate good results
Boys at Gravesend Grammar School celebrate good results

Geoff Wybar, head teacher, said: "Gravesend Grammar School is, once again, very pleased with the achievement of the boys who sat exams this summer. The demands of new exams mean that they were harder than at any time over the last 30 years. Students, supported by their families and teachers, have worked really hard to meet these new challenges.

"The students surpassed all the national expectations for the new highest 9 grades in the, harder, GCSE maths and English literature exams.

"This year is a very confusing year for young people and their families with two different grading systems running. New exam requirements have brought a good deal of volatility to the system but it pleasing to report that so many of our young people will have got what they need to access the next stages of their education."

Gad’s Hill School

Pupils - and a teacher - at Gad’s Hill School have been celebrating an impressive set of GCSE results.

Sixteen-year-olds Freya Smith and Nicholas Batchelor, who have been at Gad’s since they were three-years-old, have been awarded 11 A* or A grades between them, after gaining 10 qualifications each.

Freya, from Chalk, is looking forward to taking geography, chemistry and biology A-levels at Gravesend Grammar School. She hopes to pursue a career in forensic science.

Freya Smith, Teagan Higgins, Heather Bubb and Nicholas Batchelor celebrated fantastic results at Gad's Hill School
Freya Smith, Teagan Higgins, Heather Bubb and Nicholas Batchelor celebrated fantastic results at Gad's Hill School

Nicholas, from Rochester, goes on to Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School in Rochester to study geography, maths and economics. He aims to win a place at Loughborough University to study economics.

Many of their classmates also celebrated being awarded A*/8 and A/7 grades and the independent day school reported 69% of students had received A*- C grades in at least five subjects.

Headmaster Mr David Craggs said: “For a school that takes pupils with a broad range of abilities, these are very pleasing results indeed.

“Individual scores are exceptional but I’m equally proud of this year’s subject achievements (A*- C) – 95% of students who sat maths passed; DT results were 89%; additional science 89%; geography 88%; PE 88%; computer science 86%; history 78%; English 79% and French 76%.

“Our Combined Cadet Force continued its long-established tradition of a 100% pass rate in BTEC teamwork and personal development.

“I’m delighted to congratulate our director of music John Stone, and his hard-working scholars, on their fantastic straight A result, after the recent introduction of GCSE music.

“Our success at GCSE is testament to the hard work and dedication of our teaching staff and of course students, many of whom go on to study A-levels at local grammar schools.”

A final congratulations goes to Gad’s head of senior school, Paul Savage, who after a year of studying has led by example and gained an A* in Spanish.

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