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Popular Gravesend GP, Dr Manpinder Singh Sahota, is keen to educate people about keeping fit

If everyone of my patients exercised three or four times a week I probably would be out of a job!

Exercise is the best medicine and if you could put in a pill, the numerous benefits to both mind and body, it would become the number one pill in the world to take. There are huge risk reductions in heart disease, stroke, cancer, depression, osteoporosis and dementia.

Manpinder Singh Sahota, of Pelham Medical Practice, Gravesend
Manpinder Singh Sahota, of Pelham Medical Practice, Gravesend

It does not matter how many medications you take, if you do not exercise and eat a healthy diet, no drug in the world can save you.

I have seen many patients after a heart attack, stroke or when diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who think as long as they take their meds daily then all should be hunky-dory.

But unfortunately your statin can lower your cholesterol to near zero and aspirin will thin your blood but if you still lead a sedentary life the chances of another heart attack or stroke are still high. Exercise is far more powerful than any drug you will ever take.

Group of people on exercise bikes in a health club
Group of people on exercise bikes in a health club

Diseases such as dementia and type 2 diabetes are rocketing through the roof. Why work hard all your life and then be too ill to enjoy your retirement? Regular exercise will bullet proof your body and brain from many diseases.

It is recommended that all adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity a week.

Brisk walking, running, cycling swimming, dancing are many exercises one can do.

There are many gyms in Gravesend with various membership prices. Cygnets and Cascades run a free type 2 diabetes course and there are various classes such as chair yoga and Tai Chi to cater for everyone.

This should be combined with strengthening exercises which can include gardening, yoga or light weight training.

My dream would be to have a huge GP health practice attached to a fitness centre with free personal training sessions for everyone with a condition or wants to lose weight.

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