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Gravesham MP Adam Holloway and Dartford's Gareth Johnson backing Brexit in EU referendum

They may be divided on the issue of the Lower Thames Crossing but Gravesham and Dartford's MPs are united on the EU referendum - they want out.

Following David Cameron's announcement of the June 23 vote both Conservative MPs Adam Holloway and Gareth Johnson say Britain should not miss the opportunities presented by leaving.

Mr Adam Holloway, long known for his tough stand on curbing immigration and wanting to quit the EU, has unsurprisingly placed his banner firmly in the out camp.

Adam Holloway wants Britain to leave
Adam Holloway wants Britain to leave

He sparked controversy in the commons a while back saying he had been unable to get a haircut because his refugee barber had gone on holiday, suggesting some go back to the country they left for a holiday.”

“I’m certainly in favour of leaving,” Mr Holloway said today. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for Britain. This is the moment.”

He went on: “There has never been a better time for the world to trade with each other, and yet we’re tied to this trading bloc (EU) which sells more to us than we sell to them.”
“If we leave the EU we can still have a friendly trading relationship with our European neighbours.”

On freedom of movement within the EU, he said: “At the end of the day it’s up to the British people to decide who comes in. At the moment we have absolutely no say on it.
“We no longer have sovereignty on how we’re governed.”

Gareth Johnson: The vote is about automony
Gareth Johnson: The vote is about automony

Mr Johnson said: “This vote is about autonomy - giving Britain greater say over the laws that affect us. Leaving the EU will still result in us having a strong voice - still remaining a member of the influential G7 economic group of nations, still a member of the UN Security Council, and still a fully paid up member of NATO.

“So I don’t subscribe to the view we’ll be isolated. As for trading coming out of the EU opens up a wider market.”

Will he be actively campaigning? “I’ve got NO plan to take a particularly active role. This is not about MPs - it’s about what people think.

“The important thing is my vote counts as much as anyone else.”

Elsewhere, Kent MPs are sharply divided on the issue.

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