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Valley Drive heroine who rescued child from busy road in Gravesend shuns spotlight

The mother of a Good Samaritan has spoken of her daughter's heroism after she rescued a child from a busy road.

Hundreds rushed to praise the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, with her mum describing how "proud" she is of her daughter's actions.

She said: "It was her mother's instinct that kicked in. That is her personality.

WATCH: Good Samaritan rushes into road to save child

"She is a very caring person, and she took it all in her stride."

The rescue happened between Valley Drive and Hillside Avenue, Gravesend, just before 8pm on Friday.

Footage of the rescue was captured on camera, before being published on our website KentOnline.

The CCTV shows the moment a child was seen running alone in the road, heading from Hillside Avenue into busy Valley Drive.

After spotting the child, the woman leapt out of her car, leaving her door wide open and running at full-pelt to rescue the escapee.

She then grabbed the tot in her arms, rushing them back to safety as approaching cars emerge on camera.

The woman takes the child across to the pavement next to her car, and appears to call police from her mobile.

A young man, believed to be the child’s brother, then sprints towards the pair, throwing his arms around them in relief.

The resident who discovered the footage, and also wishes to remain anonymous, has described how viewers go from "shocked to smiling in two minutes".

He has called the woman "a hero", adding that he invited her to view the video after the incident, but she declined.

Commenters on community Facebook groups echoed his view, adding that it shows "how quickly these things happen".

One said: "Hope the family are okay, and well done to the lady for her quick thinking" and another added, "what a lucky outcome".

The Good Samaritan has also been described as "an angel without wings", with one adding that it’s "great to see something good, especially with all the bad in the world today".

On the Gravesend Messenger Facebook page, another posted: “Some heroes don’t wear capes. This one deserves a medal.”

Police spokesman Sally Smith said: "We received a report at 7.51pm on Friday that a child had been found alone in the street.

"The child was reunited with its mother shortly after the incident."

The youngster and its family are yet to be identified.

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