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Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane lookalikes enjoying England's glory in Euro 2020


For Danny McLaughlin, England's success in the Euros has meant plenty of opportunities to be in the spotlight.

But his future as a Harry Kane lookalike was on shaky ground when there were calls for Kane to be dropped the team.

Sheppey's Harry Kane look-a-like hoping for England win

Danny said: "I didn't think he would be dropped, he's too good of a player. Obviously I'm so thankful they did stick with him, he's been on fire since. If he had been dropped it would have been a terrible time for me.

"As soon as he started scoring goals again, I was back in the fold again, able to do a few events. As long as he keeps doing what he is doing, it is good for me."

Since the World Cup, Danny, who has a holiday home in Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey has become a celebrity in his own right with fans posing for photos and videos whenever he is out and about.

He said: "The World Cup was a great time for me. It just took off from there. It has been amazing. Since this tournament started, I've been doing a lot of work. I've been loving it."

But the dream is still to meet the man himself.

Danny McLaughlin looks like Harry Kane
Danny McLaughlin looks like Harry Kane

He said: "Everyone always asks if I have met him, and I want the answer to be yes but no I haven't. I think it would be amazing - both of us stood side by side, in our England kits. It could go viral."

Meanwhile, when Paul Missen watches England play he says it is like looking in a mirror.

That's because the 43-year-old bears a striking resemblance to manager Gareth Southgate.

He gets so many comments about his likeness to the former player he is considering becoming a professional lookalike.

Paul, from Gravesend, first starting getting attention during the World Cup in 2018. So when he and his partner Lauren Pyne were going on a Butlin's break with friends and needed to find a fancy dress costume for the night, Lauren suggested he dressed like Gareth Southgate.

Paul Missen dressed like Gareth Southgate for the semi-final
Paul Missen dressed like Gareth Southgate for the semi-final

She wore a Harry Kane mask and England kit, while Paul donned a smart blue waistcoat like those Southgate is famous for wearing.

The couple were getting attention all night, with lots of fellow party-goers asking them to pose for a photo.

Lauren, 41, said: "From the moment we walked into that main tent we were getting attention. People were asking for pictures with just Paul, and just me as well, and the both of us together.

"There were the people that asked for photos and then there were people you heard as we walked past 'Did you see Gareth Southgate?' We were wetting ourselves laughing."

After that, every time England played, Lauren would post some of the photos from the night on Facebook and would be flooded with comments about how much Paul looks like Southgate.

Lauren Pyne with her partner Paul Missen at Butlins
Lauren Pyne with her partner Paul Missen at Butlins

On Wednesday, when England played Denmark in the semi-final, Paul dug out his waistcoat once again. And for a bit of fun, posed for some photos which Lauren posted online.

The number of comments she got has made her think Paul could be a professional lookalike.

She said: "There is another Gareth Southgate lookalike but I think my Paul looks more like him. So many people have said we should really do something about it.

"I think in his normal clothes, people might not think he does look like him, but as soon as he puts that waistcoat on.

"Paul says when he watches the games it is like looking in a mirror.

Gareth Southgate sporting his now famous waistcoat
Gareth Southgate sporting his now famous waistcoat

"He is quite a reserved person and I'm more outgoing. He isn't sure if he would have the time to be a lookalike, as he works full time and we are renovating our house, but I have told him I will sort it all out."

She added: "I think we need to strike while the iron is hot. Everyone is so caught up in the Euros this year. Even if England don't win, I think Gareth Southgate will still be manager so there is longevity in being a Southgate lookalike.

"And everybody loves him don't they. I love Gareth, I don't know if it is just because he looks like my Paul, but he is such a kind, humble, modest person, no-one has a bad word to say about him."

Meanwhile, a very special choir has backed the England boys ahead of tomorrow's Italy clash with a rendition of Three Lions.

A video posted online shows the young singers at Canterbury Cathedral performing the football anthem.

An accompanying message from Dean Robert and the choir said: "The cathedral community sends our best wishes to the England football team for the final on Sunday!"

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