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'World's most powerful torch' burnt my jacket

Andy and his torch
Andy and his torch

A ‘mad’ scientist and his super powerful torch held a successful test last night.

Eccentric inventor Andy, who prefers not to reveal his surname but to be known as Photonicinduction, tested the "world’s most powerful, hand-held, battery operated torch" down by Gravesend prom.

Andy claims his torch can out-do a lighthouse lamp, and proved extra powerful when it burned his coat.

The 42-year-old, who lives in the town, said: "Although it was raining a little bit, I couldn't have asked for a better test. It was so powerful it's actually burnt through my high visibility jacket."

Joining him on Gordon Promenade were a couple of park wardens, two PCSOs and a lone dog walker.

After tracking down the world’s biggest lightbulb, a 2.1KW bulb once used in Second World War searchlights, Andy spent five hours constructing it.

He added: "I had a call from the police who want to discuss the torch with me next week so we're going to have a chat about some gadgets as they think this is something they might be able to use.

"I just do crazy, mad science stuff and compete against the world to see who can make the most powerful things, and so I decided to make a torch.”

“It certainly works,” he said. “I was foolish enough to turn it on in my living room and it was like standing in the Sahara Desert .

“I then tried it in my own garden. I can only describe it as ridiculous.”

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