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'Wild' thug in knife attack at brothel

Rahmat Hassani was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court
Rahmat Hassani was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court

A 20-year-old thug who carried out a terrifying knifepoint robbery at a brothel has been sentenced to six years youth custody.

Rahmat Hassani and another man held blades to the throats of a prostitute and her “maid” before fleeing with £200 in cash.

A judge at Maidstone Crown Court told Hassani that he agreed with a description given by one of the victims of him being “crazy and dangerous”.

He added: “What you did terrified those two vulnerable people, so this is a particularly serious offence.”

The maid, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, claimed that Hassani groped her during the raid. “He seemed to be on drugs or something, because he was wild,” she said. “He was crazy and dangerous.”

Prostitute Mikeala Tsikis told the jury: “It seemed to go on forever. At one point, I didn’t think I was going to get out of there.”

The court heard that Hassani, who came to England from Afghanistan in 2001, and a friend, who has not been arrested, forced their way into the flat in Parrock Street, Gravesend, on June 8 last year.

The maid asked them to leave but they became aggressive and marched her to a bedroom where Miss Tsikis, 31, was half-naked with a client.

“All three, including the anonymous client, were held at knifepoint by Rahmat Hassani and his accomplice,” said prosecutor Richard Scott. “Hassani produced a carving knife and threatened to stab them.

“No money was obtained at that stage but the harrowing ordeal continued with all three people being marched downstairs and forced into the living room.”

There, about £200 was handed over along with a mobile phone belonging to Miss Tsikis.

Before the men left, said the prosecutor, Hassani checked the maid’s waistband for money and, as he did so, put his hand down her top and up her skirt.

Giving evidence screened from Hassani, the maid said she was slapped around the face by the other man, who was stockier.

“They didn’t believe we only had £200,” she said. “They thought I was hiding it on my body. They were searching. It was horrible. I felt they were abusing me at the same time.

“I didn’t have a lot on because it was a hot day. I had a little skirt on and a strappy top. I wasn’t wearing a bra.”

The maid said Hassani put his hand down her top and groped her breasts and touched her underneath her skirt.

She said Hassani had showed her a tattoo on his arm saying Julie and told her: “I am doing this because I have babies to keep and that is why I want your money.”

Miss Tsikis said she had just taken £40 from her client and given it to the maid when she heard a commotion.

“I came to the top of the stairs," she said. "That’s when I saw two men pulling her up the stairs. They were both holding knives.

“They were holding knives to our throats and being threatening. The stocky one hit me. I was hit across the left ear. I broke down then. I was hysterical.”

Miss Tsikis said £160 and the customer’s money was handed over. The men asked the customer if he had had his “service” yet. He replied he had not.

“He was scared and quiet,” she said. “They both had knives to his throat. They said I had to give him a service. I said: ‘Please, no.’ The customer said it didn’t matter.”

Hassani, of Rochester Road, Gravesend, was convicted of robbery and cleared of sexual assault. He denied both charges.

Judge Warwick McKinnon said it was obvious that the robbery was planned.

“Knives were brandished and held against their throats,” he said. “All this was done because you were short of funds at the time. You have shown no remorse.”

The judge added that he would not recommend deportation.

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