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Mum-of-two Laurajane Bottrill broke up fight of Herne Bay pupils at Greenhill roundabout Herne Bay

By Emma Grafton-Williams

A horrified mum has told how she saw teenagers fighting in broad daylight while others cheered and filmed the altercation.

Laurajane Bottrill, 35, was stunned as she drove through Herne Bay when she and her husband spotted a group of 40 Herne Bay High School pupils near the Greenhill Roundabout on the Thanet Way this afternoon.

The mum-of-two said she "felt sick" as the pupils were capturing the fight on their mobile phones.

A fight broke out by the Thanet Way at Herne Bay this afternoon
A fight broke out by the Thanet Way at Herne Bay this afternoon

Her husband Darren pulled over and shouted at them while Laurajane jumped out of the car and ran over to the group where she found two boys hitting another boy.

"It was horrible", she said. "I couldn't believe what I saw - this massive group of kids. It was a Year 8 and Year 9 who were fighting with a younger Year 7."

"They jumped him. It wasn't very nice. No one was trying to stop the fight. I jumped out of the car and was screaming 'stop it' and they started splitting up."

Mrs Bottrill, of Clover Road in Tankerton, recalled how the young boy was being punched in the head and then thrown into the bushes.

"It was sick - I couldn't believe they were all filming it, standing there giggling and cheering and not doing anything.

Husband and wife Laurajane and Darren Bottrill
Husband and wife Laurajane and Darren Bottrill

"When I went over I thought they might tell me to go away but I was quite surprised that they walked off.

"Not one person stopped - everyone just kept driving by when the fight was going on as soon as I got out of the car everyone was fine to stop then.

"I would of thought someone would do that if that was my children.

"I do think that schools need to start getting on top of bullying and showing kids some harsh videos of what fighting can cause - like one punch to the head can kill someone."

"The fact kids can kill themselves over bullying as well. I'm just glad I got there at the right time."

Herne Bay High School in Bullockstone Road
Herne Bay High School in Bullockstone Road

Housewife Mrs Bottrill phoned the school to report the incident. She posted to the Herne Bay Chatter Facebook page to explain what had happened too.

Sarah Baxter commented on the post. She said: "Well done you for going back to break it up. So many people turn a blind eye - it makes me sick."

Charlotte Datlen added: "That's awful. I really worry about the one punch kills. I hope the poor boy is OK."

Michelle Busby also commented. She said: "Horrible and nasty. Two on one is disgusting. No one deserves that. Vile behaviour."

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