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Indulgent luxury on offer at The Langham Hotel, Regent Street, London

I’ve always been a lover of useless facts.

'Go' is the shortest complete sentence in the English language; Barbie's surname is Roberts; the dot above the i is called a tittle and you'd have to lick around 339 stamps to reach your daily calorie allowance!

So let me try this one on you. Did you know the Onesie was invented by… Sir Winston Churchill?

Sir Winston Church and his wife Clementine
Sir Winston Church and his wife Clementine

When I say ‘by’, technically I mean ‘for’. But yes, Sir Winston Churchill was the owner of the very first

Onesie. I have seen it for myself (the Onesie, not Churchill). And you can go and see it too.

The green Siren Suit, as it is officially called, was made for our wartime leader for those potentially

awkward moments when he was awoken from his naked bedtime slumbers to attend to matters of


It is on show at the shop in Jermyn Street, London of its makers Turnbull & Asser, described on its

website as “the choice of discerning gentlemen for handmade clothing and accessories for over a


The grand dame on Regent Street
The grand dame on Regent Street

If – like me – you don’t mix in exalted circles – the name may be new to you. But their shirts won’t

be. Since Sean Connery was first being shaken and stirred, T&A have made the shirts for consecutive

on-screen James Bonds among many other famous names.

The quality of garments that attracts the stars is matched by the quality of service. Traditional,

discreet, gentlemanly – it set the tone for a weekend of indulgent luxury at The Langham.

Situated at the top of Regent Street opposite the BBC Studios, The Langham provided that sense of

arrival that mixed old-school charm with high-class quality.

Roux at the Landau
Roux at the Landau

Afternoon tea? Certainly madam, please come and experience the Palm Court. Fancy a bit of a

pamper? Why not try our Chuan Spa. And if all that has made you hungry once more then by all

means let me book you into Roux at The Landau restaurant.

Luxury living in the heart of the metropolis.

But the opportunity to experience five-star hotels don’t come around very often and I was keen to

experience something different. The Club Lounge.

Relaxed atmosphere at the exclusive Langham Hotel's Club Lounge
Relaxed atmosphere at the exclusive Langham Hotel's Club Lounge

I have been to a few hotels, home and abroad, and seen signs to variations of The Club Lounge –

hidden behind closed doors, closely guarded by the smiling sentries on duty. And I have to admit I

never got them – you are staying in a posh hotel anyway, why do you need to go to an even posher


But now I had the chance to find out and it was too good an opportunity to miss.

My eyes have been opened. It was a revelation.

Club Lounge at The Langham
Club Lounge at The Langham

From 6.30am-10pm you can eat and drink to your heart's content. It felt like no sooner was breakfast

being cleared away than cream tea was arriving. And if that didn’t fill you up canapes would be along

any second. All washed down with a never-ending supply of drinks – hot or cold, alcoholic or non-


Now my parents learnt when I was very young not to let me anywhere near a buffet because I have

the suction power of a Dyson when it comes to hoovering up the contents of a hot and cold spread.

But even I finally reached food overload, such was the plethora on offer.

But what made the club such a great experience was the friendliness – not just of the staff but of the

customers. It genuinely felt like a place where you could strike up a conversation with anyone and

everyone. Stuffed shirts not admitted – everyone was open and welcoming.

An Executive suite
An Executive suite

And that’s what made The Langham such a great experience. Step outside the doors and you are in

the heart of London within walking distance of so many of the great sights and sounds which make it

one of the most awe-inspiring and captivating capitals in the world.

But step back inside and you feel cocooned and embraced by the building and the quality of the


Winston Churchill was known as a hard task master. You sense even he would have paid a

compliment or two to The Langham.

The Langham Hotel, 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London, W1B 1JA. For more information and reservations, visit the hotel’s website, or call 020 7636 1000.

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