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Treatment needed for Tik Tok cat with feline coronavirus

A pet owner from Hythe is making a desperate appeal after her beloved cat was diagnosed with feline coronavirus.

One year old Rodney, who has gained fans on video-sharing social networking site Tik Tok, is suffering from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

Rodney is sick with feline coronavirus. All pictures: Carolyn Archer
Rodney is sick with feline coronavirus. All pictures: Carolyn Archer

The rare virus can be deadly in cats and has left Rodney struggling for breath, off his food and anemic.

It is a different coronavirus to Covid-19.

After Rodney's owner, Carolyn Archer, was told by her vet nothing could be done, she went online to see if there were any treatments.

She discovered new anti-viral drugs are available for FIP and Rodney is now being treated at home for the 82 day course.

But it comes with a price; the drugs cost around £4,000 and are not covered by Mrs Archer's insurance.

Rodney has appeared in several Tik Tok videos

The family are now appealing for help to raise £1,500 towards the costs and have set up a Go Fund Me page.

Mrs Archer, mum to Alessandra, Winston and Maxim, said: "I've had cats all my life but I've never heard of FIP before.

"It is very rare and deadly for cats, and we were told Rodney didn't have long to live. But I wasn't prepared to let him die.

"About a year ago a new treatment was developed that can cure it, but it costs a lot.

"My children are devastated and we just want to get him better. We have around £2,000 but need more.

Rodney with Alessandra
Rodney with Alessandra

"I would never ask for help and I know times are hard with coronavirus, and I don't expect everyone to be able to afford a donation."

British Blue Rodney, whose full name is Rodneyalsoknownasdave, has appeared in several videos on Tik Tok along with the family's dog, Trigger.

Their account has 24,000 followers.

The Go Fund Me set up by Mrs Archer, but from Rodney's point of view, reads: "I'm not even a year and a half old yet, and at the beginning of March 2021 I was told I only had a few weeks to live.

"Unfortunately, I've got what's called FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It's basically the cat version of coronavirus. How very on trend...

Enjoying a cuddle with Maxim
Enjoying a cuddle with Maxim

"Anyways, luckily for me my hoomans have promised me they are not going to give up on me, and have found a very new anti viral treatment that has proven to be hugely successful over the past year since its discovery.

"I've started the treatment already, and we are all cautiously optimistic.

"Unfortunately, its not licensed yet and so is not covered by my insurance.

"The full treatment will cost around £4,000, we can only fund the first £2,000 ish, so my hoomans are trying to raise some funds to get me across the line, and help me fight this horrible virus.

"I'm really very poorly right now, and I really don't want to have to leave my tiny hoomans Alessandra, Winston and Maxim. I also really don't want to leave my best mate Trigger, the dog. It's just not my time to go yet.

Rodney when he was a kitten
Rodney when he was a kitten

"So, I hate to ask, but if you feel you could, I'd appreciate it so much if you could chuck a few quid in to the pot to help bring me back from the brink and help me fight the fight."

Mrs Archer says she has been overwhelmed by the support so far and says any money not used on Rodney will be donated to help other cats with the virus.

To make a donation, click here.

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