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Metal detectorist finds rings on beach in Hythe

A charitable metal detectorist found not one but two lost rings on a beach.

Neil Green was tagged in a Facebook post by a friend who knew he had helped people previously with missing metal items.

The social media status explained how a woman had lost her ring on Fisherman's Beach in Hythe and he quickly jumped to action.

Neil Green returning the lost rings
Neil Green returning the lost rings

The Sellindge hobbyist recalls: “I thought 'Well we might as well give it a go, there’s no harm in trying'.

“I was detecting around the beach and people were coming up to ask what I was looking for.

“All of a sudden this lady came rushing up to me and asked if I could help her.

“I said I could and it was actually the woman from the Facebook post.

"She told me I was in the wrong place and asked me to come to where she was sitting. She was really grateful.

“Within about two minutes of detecting I found a silver ring. She said: 'Oh that’s mine, you found it'.

“I said I was happy for her, and then she said: 'That’s not the only one I’ve lost'.

"She asked if I was psychic because I'd found them both so quickly" - Neil Green

“Very quickly I found a gold ring, and she said it was the other one she’d lost.

“She asked if I was psychic because I’d found them both so quickly.”

The 39-year-old normally goes on detecting trips with his girlfriend Clare, and has helped people previously.

Last year, he spent 50 minutes searching a beach before finding a 30-year-old silver cross that had been blessed.

The owner had put it on his towel before swimming in the sea, but the towel had been moved and the accessory lost.

Successful historic finds have also been made, with Roman coins uncovered in his career.

Mr Green enjoys finding lost items so much that he and Clare set up the Past Diggers Detecting page on Facebook, through which people can request his aid.

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