Medway firm Osmio Water makes revolutionary Osmio Sanser Sanitiser Spray

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Cleanliness is a top priority for all of us right now, but buying endless bottles of hand sanitiser and cleaning sprays can work out expensive.

Now a Medway-based company has created a revolutionary sanitising spray which works using almost nothing except water - and you can make it yourself at home.

Osmio Water can help you clean in an environmentally-friendly way
Osmio Water can help you clean in an environmentally-friendly way

The Osmio Sanser Sanitiser Spray from Osmio Water means you can have your own cleaning spray in minutes, and it is good for the environment too.

Here, founder Mark Kent tells us more:

How does the Osmio Sanser Sanitiser Spray work?

Using tap water and table salt and electrolysis to make sodium hypochlorite - it's that simple. If you Google the definition of bleach, its main active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite. The instructions are very simple and take minutes to make. Here's a video we have made to explain how it works:

What can you use the Osmio Sanser Sanitiser Spray for?

Every household has their favourite cleaning products but you can swap them all for this. It takes very little time and effort, and it is worth it. There are three good reasons why we should look into limiting the number of chemicals we use: our health; our planet; our money. In my own home I use the Sanser for almost everything to do with cleaning and sanitising - hands, surfaces, mopping, clean fridge, toothbrushes, chopping boards etc.

How long can I use it for?

It has a 30 day half-life meaning after 30 days in an open container, half of the concentration will be left. This is a good thing for the environment as after 60 days it turns back to water and salt. So after you have made it, people normally use all of it within a week or two.

The benefits of the Osmio Water Sanser Spray
The benefits of the Osmio Water Sanser Spray

Tell us a bit about the science...

We came up with the product due to our passion for water technology and especially molecular hydrogen. Water is H2O - it's the perfect balance of the most powerful oxidiser (o) and the most powerful reduce (h2) and the way to split water is through electrolysis. It's because of electrolysis - and just good ideas - that we can make our world healthier and more efficient.

About Osmio

Medway-based Osmio has been solving water problems since 2009. With a passion for wellness and the environment, the firm brings innovative technology to the table, while aiming to drastically reduce single use plastic.

A small but growing company the 12 full-time staff include a friendly and professional customer care team. You can checkout 24/7. To order and find out more call 0330 113 7181 or go to

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