National Work from Home Day - TUC figures reveal 7.6% in south east no longer work in office

An increasing number of people across the region are now working form home, according to trade unions.

In figures published to coincide with National Work from Home Day, the TUC says 7.6% of the south east's workforce now work from their home.

That amounts to some 292,000 employees.

Home working in Kent and across the south east is on the rise
Home working in Kent and across the south east is on the rise

And across the country, homeworking is up 27% over the last decade.

However, the TUC says not enough bosses are giving their workers the option of homeworking – which could help people to see more of their family and improve work-life balance.

The TUC estimates there are around four million more UK workers who say they would like to work from home for at least some of their working week – but aren’t given the chance.

Today (Friday) is National Work from Home Day
Today (Friday) is National Work from Home Day

TUC regional secretary Sam Gurney said: “In many cases, homeworking is a win-win-win. Workers get more time with their families, employers can boost productivity and hang on to experienced staff, and the environment benefits as well.

“But too many employers in the south east are clinging to tradition, or don’t trust their staff enough to encourage homeworking. They need to catch up.

“Unions can help negotiate home working policies that work positively for both employers and staff. And government should be investing in broadband infrastructure so that every worker can get a high-speed connection at home.”

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