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Duke of Kent 'involved in car crash on A27 near Brighton'

The Duke of Kent is thought to have been involved in a 60mph crash involving a young student.

The 83-year-old was driving a Jaguar that collided with a Mini on the A27 near Brighton, according to the student driver involved in the accident.

Olivia Fellows says she was forced to slam on her brakes and then crashed into the central reservation as a result.

The Duke of Kent
The Duke of Kent

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: "I was driving north at 60mph and suddenly this Jaguar pulled out in front of me.

"I saw the Jag to my left and it looked like he was going to go, then hesitated and changed his mind and went to go again.

"He shot across the road. But it was so close that if I hadn't emergency braked I would have gone straight into the middle of his car.

"As I put on the brakes, my car span towards the central reservation and smashed into it.

"I clipped the kerb and buckled the wheel arch of my car.

"The airbags went off and there was smoke coming from the engine.

"Two women who were behind his car came running over screaming 'oh my god, oh my god, are you ok?'

"I was in shock, completely stunned. My right arm was in agony from hitting the airbag.

"That car was my pride and joy... I haven't got that now and I haven't received an apology" - Olivia Fellows

"I could see the mangled wreckage of my car and was trying to convince myself that it could be fixed.

"Then the police arrived and I was sat with two officers on the central reservation.

"The two women gave the officers the registration number and when the officer put the details into his computer he said the car is registered to Buckingham Palace in London.

"He said the driver was either a member of the Royal family or one of their chauffeurs.

"Then someone from special branch called one of the officers and he stepped away from me to take the call.

"The other officer joked that my crash was causing quite a stir."

Ms Fellows, from St Leonards in East Sussex, says she has not received any communication since the crash from either the Duke, officially known as Prince Edward, or the palace.

The student, a part-time checkout worker for Tesco, says she is "heartbroken" to have been left without a car since her Mini worth £2,000 was written off in the smash.

"I suffer from anxiety and this year has been pretty tough for me," she said in the report.

"That car was my pride and joy. At university, campus can be quite isolating.

"I don't like using public transport and my car gave me the freedom to get and have my independence.

"I haven't got that now and I feel quite low about it. I haven't received an apology.

"From the driving I have seen, I don't think he should still be on the road."

The crash comes only months after a former Kent barrister pulled the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh from the wreckage of his Land Rover after it overturned in a crash.

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