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Eat local Kent food challenge day 5

We've set our editorial apprentice, Rebecca Tuffin, the challenge to only eat foods where all ingredients are from Kent for a whole week.

She has now completed her fifth day - check out how day four went by clicking here.

Me with my cherry juice
Me with my cherry juice

I've managed to get my young brother, George involved in the challenge as my little sous chef.

Today I was a bit more experimental, with some homemade pasta and venison on the menu - fancy, I know.

The cravings for junk food seem to have subsided a bit which is good.


Cherry pancake
Cherry pancake

I've always loved blueberry pancakes.

When you press the berries down in the pan, they bubble and hiss as the skin splits and then bright purple juice oozes out and it looks great.

But I thought I'd do a twist on this and use cherries instead.

They were from a roadside stall in Leeds village for £2.00 and I used some of my Kentish cherry juice to make a sauce.

Flour from Pure Kent Eckley Farms - £2.80
Flour from Pure Kent Eckley Farms - £2.80

I'm certain fruit always tastes better when you know it's grown locally.

The wholemeal flour from Pure Kent Eckley Farms did make the pancake taste a bit bready though.

I once again used a drizzle of Loose honey in replacement of sugar.


Trout salad
Trout salad

I used some more of the trout to make a salad.

For £3.50 I got a good four portions out of that fish.

Some iceberg lettuce from L.J.Betts in Offham and potatoes were finished with a few dollops of the sprouted chickpea and rock samphire hummus from Wild Food Folk.


George making the pasta
George making the pasta

There always used to be fresh pasta on coat hangers hung up around the house when my brother was younger - he loves cooking.

It tastes a lot better than dry pasta and is so much more tender.

With a little persuasion, I soon had him making dough and spinning the pasta roller like old times.

Venison mince from Stour Valley Farm
Venison mince from Stour Valley Farm

Not many people do it, but it's actually very quick and simple.

You just need flour and egg, and then a couple of helping hands to make sure it's thin enough.

I paired it with venison mince from Stour Valley Game, which I fried up then added a little flour and water, to try and create a sauce.

Venison has a richer flavour than beef. I liked it but couldn't have it too often.

Homemade pasta with venison
Homemade pasta with venison

Friday night drinks

Another work do last night - my first few drinks were Shepherd Neame lager again, but then I started to slack.

I was not one, but two pornstar martinis down before I was approached by one of my editors who confronted me, albeit amused.

But come on, it was Friday night.

Daily updates on what Rebecca has been eating will be published on KentOnline each morning this week at 6am.

If you'd like to get involved in the challenge, send your pictures and where you bought your food to rtuffin@thekmgroup.co.uk or tweet @rtuffinKM with the hashtag #eatlocalkent

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