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These are all the schools in Kent that have been affected by coronavirus since reopening in September

An ever-growing number of schools in Kent have had to act fast in response to the threat of Covid-19.

Here are the schools across the county which have sent year group 'bubbles' home for two weeks or taken other measures to protect pupils.

The John Wallis Church of England Academy
The John Wallis Church of England Academy


Students from Year 7 and above were asked to wear masks when they were not in class or outside at The John Wallis Church of England Academy, on Millbank Road.

Then, on December 8, the school sent three year groups home after six coronavirus cases.

This was after it was found a member of staff had tested positive for Covid-19 since they left work to isolate on September 11.

A Year 1 pupil from Repton Manor Primary School on Repton Avenue tested positive, after which 60 children and five staff in the same bubble were sent home. They were asked to self isolate for two weeks until Thursday, September 24.

At Victoria Road Primary School, a child from Year 6 tested positive for coronavirus. This lead to 55 pupils and eight teachers from Year 6 and Year 5 being asked to self isolate until Sunday, October 4.

Charlton Church of England Primary School, Barton Road, Dover
Charlton Church of England Primary School, Barton Road, Dover

An isolated case was detected at The Wye School, forcing all 72 pupils in its sixth form to study from home for a period starting on September 28.

Finberry Primary asked Year 5 pupils not to come in after a case at the school was confirmed.

On October 22, about 400 Year 7 pupils were ordered to stay home following a confirmed case at Homewood School - Kent's largest secondary.

The same school sent home the whole of Year 8 on Monday, December 7, meaning they won't return until 2021.

A number of pupils at the North School were told to self-isolate after after a single confirmed case of coronavirus on Friday, October 23.


Canterbury Academy wrote to parents on Tuesday, October 6 to say that a teenager from a sixth former 'bubble' has tested positive.

It was the first school in the city to reveal a case and a small number of pupils who were in close contact with the individual have been sent home and told to isolate for 14 days.

The Orchard School closed completely for two weeks until November 23.


On September 14, it was confirmed an admin worker from Longfield Academy, on Main Road, tested positive for coronavirus. Pupils were not sent home as the staff member did not have close contact with them, but the school is staying vigilant for if more cases develop.

Pupils and staff from the Year 10 bubble at Wilmington Academy on Common Lane were sent home to self isolate for two weeks after a student tested positive. This was reported on September 18.

On September 22 Milestone Academy told its secondary school age pupils to self-isolate after a member of staff tested positive for coronavirus at the special needs academy.

Wilmington Girls Grammar School in Parsons Lane have sent home the entire of Year 11 after a student tested positive for covid.

Dartford Science and Technology College has temporarily closed following a spate of confirmed cases of the virus.

Wentworth Primary School has confirmed it will use fogging machines in its fight against the virus as it sent 65 pupils and five staff members home.

Manor Park Primary School announced on Friday, November 13, it had sent 179 pupils and 24 members of staff home.

On Monday, December 7, Temple Hill Primary shut after a "significant rise" in cases.


On October 13 Year R was sent home from Warden House Primary School in Deal after a confirmed Covid-19 case.

On November 13 parents at Sholden Primary in London Road received a text message to collect their child "ASAP" before the entire premises was closed down in a move thought to be linked to coronavirus.


A bubble of 27 pupils were sent home from Charlton Church of England Primary School on Barton Road after a Year 2 pupil tested positive on Thursday, September 17. Pupils have been sent remote work until their return on Friday, October 2.

On October 15 the Head at Astor College confirmed Year 7 had been told to stay at home.

The whole of year 9 at Dover Christchurch Academy were sent home on Friday, November 13.

Gravesend Grammar School. Picture: Google
Gravesend Grammar School. Picture: Google

The Duke of York's Royal Military School confirmed on Wednesday, November 19, that it had a number of cases. The school remains open.

East Malling

The St James the Great Academy, a primary school in Chapman Way, East Malling, has sent home the whole of Year 2 until December 3, after they potentially came into contact with a teacher who tested positive for covid. The children are receiving virtual lessons at home and the school has been deep-cleaned.


On Tuesday, December 8, both of Faversham's secondary schools shut their doors early for Christmas after reaching "tipping point".

They said the decision was made to ensure pupils "do not pose a risk to families over the festive period".


Students at Harvey Grammar School were sent home after a pupil had a positive test for Covid-19. On September 22, head teacher Scott Norman said a 'very small number' of children would have to stay at home for 14 days.

Folkestone Academy confirmed a case on Tuesday, September 29.


A student and a teacher from Gravesend Grammar School for Boys on Church Walk tested positive for coronavirus. This led to all Year 10 pupils and a single Year 8 class being asked to stay home on Monday September 21, with some students who have been in direct contact with the confirmed case instructed to self-isolate for two weeks.

Cecil Road Primary School, in Gravesend, has told two year group bubbles to isolate after a case of Covid-19.

St George's School has shut its secondary school provision to all years from Thursday, November 19, for two weeks. The primary school, which is on different site, remains open.

A year group has been told to self-isolate at Istead Rise Primary School after a confirmed Covid-19 case.


A small number of children were sent home to isolate from Brockhill Park Performing Arts College on Sandling Road after a case was confirmed there on Monday, September 21.

St Katherine's School in Snodland
St Katherine's School in Snodland


Thirty children at Barming Primary School have been told to stay at home after one of the number tested positive for Covid despite having no symptoms. They were sent home on Monday, November 9, for two weeks.

Maidstone Grammar School has sent home all of Years 12 and 13, on Monday, November 9, after a student in each year group contracted the disease. They were told to stay away for two weeks, Lessons are being given online.

Maidstone Grammar School wrote to parents and carers to notify them a positive test had been recorded at the school on September 23.

A small number of children were believed to have been in "direct prolonged contact" with the confirmed case and each received a letter informing them to self-isolate for 14 days.

It came just three weeks after the school in Barton Road reopened.

The following day, a second positive test was confirmed and all students in Year 13 were told they had to self-isolate for two weeks.

On October 13, the school sent home all Year 11 students after a positive test in the cohort.

The Maplesden Noakes School sent Year 8s home after a member of staff and a student tested positive. Parents were first alerted about the member of staff on Sunday October 11. On Thursday, October 15, the school revealed a further two pupils had tested positive.

Meanwhile, 30 Year 8 pupils at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls will remain at home until Wednesday, October 21.

On Thursday, October 15, parents were informed a member of staff at Five Acre Wood School in Boughton Lane, Maidstone, had tested positive for the virus.

As a result, a group of children have been told to isolate for 14 days and won't be able to return to school until after the half-term.

On Tuesday, November 10, it was revealed Maidstone Grammar had again been hit by the virus, with the whole of its sixth form sent home.

St Augustine Academy announced on Tuesday, November 10 that five Year 11 pupil have confirmed cases of the virus.

The school in Maidstone's Oakwood Road sent 22 pupils home to self isolate while the rest of the year attend classes as normal.

The same day it was confirmed a Year 3 pupil from Brunswick House Primary in Leafy Lane had tested positive.

Some 30 pupils were sent home along with six members of staff.

Three members of teaching staff and two members of support staff at Bower Grove School have also tested positive.

Head teacher Mrs Salter made the announcement on November 11 saying only one of those staff members had been in contact with pupils since classes resumed after the October half-term.

At first, those who were in close contact were asked to self isolate for two weeks while the rest of the school carried on as normal but, on November 16 it was announced the whole school would close for until November 30.

A whole year group was sent home from Cornwallis Academy in Loose after a pupil in the Year 7 bubble tested positive.

The announcement was made on November 12 saying all of Year 7 would have to self isolate as a precaution.

The following day, two pupils in Year 11 were confirmed to have tested positive. Both year groups are now self isolating until Monday, November 23.

Following the third confirmed case, the school was closed to all pupils and staff on Monday, November 16 for a deep clean.

Another to fall victim to coronavirus is Valley Park School in Huntsman Lane, Maidstone which confirmed eight cases of the virus on November 18.

Valley Invicta Academies Trust (VIAT) which runs the school in Huntsman lane says the pupils were from Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13.


A Year 6 pupil tested positive at Valley Invicta Primary School on Teapot Lane. The year group's bubble was told to isolate for two weeks until Friday, September 18. One father to a pupil from that year said: "I don't feel like it's safe enough for the kids to be back in school."

Speedy action was taken at St Katherine's School, Snodland, when 10 pupils in Year 3 started showing symptoms of a persistent cough and temperature. Even before tests were taken, the entire Year 3 bubble was sent home to isolate and get tested as the Headteacher 'could not take any chances.'

All pupils at a school were sent home after two students tested positive for coronavirus.

Aylesford School required all students to work from home for two days on September 22 and 23 while the premises were deep cleaned after two students, one in Year 9 and another in Year 13, caught the virus. It reopened on September 24.

On Monday, December 7, Aylesford School closed until the start of the spring term in January, citing a growing number of coronavirus cases, with confirmed cases in each year group.

Students will be following their online classes until the end of term.

Parents were informed on Friday, September 25, that a staff member at St James the Great, East Malling, had tested positive for the virus.

On Friday, November 13, the sixth form at The Malling School in Beech Road was closed and Year 12 and 13 pupils were asked to work from home.

In a letter to parents head teacher John Vennart said: "We have been advised that there has been one confirmed case of Covid-19 within our sixth form."

The rest of the school remained open and all sixth formers not contacted to self isolate returned to classrooms on Monday, November 16.

Some 30 pupils and two members of staff are self-isolating at Kings Hill School until Monday, November 30.

Alice Early, head teacher, confirmed a postive coronavirus test in a Year 2 class bubble on Wednesday, November 18.


On September 4, Strood Academy sent four staff members home after one of them tested positive for Covid-19.

Strood Academy. Picture: Chris Davey
Strood Academy. Picture: Chris Davey

The Year 11 bubble at Rainham Mark Grammar School on Pump Lane were told to isolate until Friday, October 2 after a confirmed case in the group.

Head teacher, Alan Moore said: "It was almost inevitable this was going to happen, I just wish it hadn't happened to the Year 11s who have exams this year and I hoped we would make it to half term."

Year 11 pupils were told to work from home on the evening of Sunday, September 20, after a Holcombe Grammar School pupil tested positive. All other pupils from the Letchworth Avenue school were allowed to return.

Three year groups across Brompton Academy in Gillingham and Chatham Girl's Grammar School were sent home after confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Year three and Year six from Napier Primary Academy in Beresford Lane were told to self isolate for two weeks after two confirmed cases.

Year 11 students were sent home for the remainder of Friday, September 20, after a pupil from The Victory Academy in Magpie Hill Road tested positive for Covid.

A class 'bubble' was sent home from the St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School on September 23 after a confirmed case of the virus.

The Rochester Maths School have asked 65 Year 13 students to self isolate after a positive case of Covid.

Year 3 pupils at the Cedar Children's Academy in Strood were sent home on October 14 after several children and staff tested positive, and the entire primary shut from Monday, October 19 for the rest of half-term to curb rising infection rates.

On Friday, November 6 Dora Indresano, the head of Maundene Primary in Walderslade, said a case had been confirmed over half term but following advice from Public Health England there was no need to close any bubbles.

She said: "Naturally this is upsetting news and we know that you may find this concerning. but we are continuing to monitor the situation and we are working closely with Public Health England.

"This letter is to inform you of the current situation and provide advice."

Strood Academy was hit by another case on Tuesday, November 10, with 118 pupils and staff forced to stay at home.

Greenacre Academy, in Walderslade, asked the entire of its 6th form to self-isolate after two members of staff tested positive for the virus, before announcing the whole school was to close for two weeks from Monday November 16.

Prior to the closure, the school had two year groups working from home due to a lack of staffing, and a year 10 class bubble in isolation after a student returned a positive test.

On November 19, parents at Oaklands Academy were told children in Year R and Year 2 must self isolate for two weeks. The cases are not related.

Five year groups at the Oasis Academy Skinner Street school in Gillingham were sent home on November 23 following a confirmed case of the virus. Only Years 5 and 6 were able to attend school in person.

On Thursday, November 26, it was announced New Horizons Children's Academy in Chatham had sent home a Year 5 class bubble after a case.


On November 12 it was revealed more than 250 pupils at Sandwich Technology School were self isolating after a positive case of Covid-19.


At Edenbridge Primary, children who were in close contact with a Year 2 pupil who tested positive were told to self isolate until Monday, September 21.

South Avenue Primary School in Sittingbourne. Picture: Google
South Avenue Primary School in Sittingbourne. Picture: Google

A "small" number of staff and one pupil at Valence School have tested positive for the virus.

Four bubbles at the Westerham school, which teaches children with physical disabilities and complex medical needs, are isolating until Friday, October 9.


At Rose Street Primary School, Sheerness, it was announced on October 1 133 pupils and eight members of staff had been forced to isolate after two employees tested positive.

On October 2 pupils at the island's Oasis Academy were told to isolate after a confirmed case of Covid-19.

Then on November 6 parents were informed a Year 7 had tested positive and the whole year group had been sent home for two weeks.

A kitchen staff member tested positive for coronavirus at St George's Primary School in Minster and head teacher Howard Fisher asked parents and carers to provide their children with packed lunches from October 5 as the kitchen was closed as a result.

Apple class at St George's Primary in Minster were sent home on Friday, November 6, after their teacher was obliged to self-isolate and no substitute teacher could be found.

On Friday, November 13, it was announced that Thistle Hill Academy, also in Minster, would close for a two-week 'circuit breaker' in an attempt to "bring down" the number of Covid-19 cases affecting the school.

The primary school, which implemented a remote learning plan, said it would stay shut until Monday, November 30.

Three days later, on Monday, November 16, Minster Primary School became the second school on Sheppey to close because of coronavirus.

On the same day, Queenborough School's head teacher Barbara Conroy sent a letter home to parents and carers to say it, too, would shut its doors after receiving confirmation of further positive cases within the school.

She said: "We have made the decision that the best course of action is to close the school for a period of two weeks in order to minimise contact between members of the school community.

"The school will therefore be closed to all pupils from Tuesday, November 17, until Tuesday, December 1. The children's first day back at school will be Wednesday, December 2."

She added: "I am sure you can appreciate that this action has not been taken lightly and, while we have done everything we can to keep the school open, our priority must be to keep everybody safe."

Mrs Conroy said children would be able to access home-learning while they were not in school and those entitled to free school meals would be given vouchers to cover the cost of lunches for the two-week period.


On October 8 a member of staff at Westlands School tested positive for Covid-19, and as a result the infected individual and one other member of staff who had been in close contact with them are now self-isolating for 14 days. Then, on October 15, executive head teacher Simon Cox said the secondary school had had five confirmed cases of coronavirus in total.

Four days later there has been three more confirmed cases at the school and all students in Year 10 and Year 12 have been told to isolate for 14 days.

Then on November 9 the schools confirmed six more people had caught the virus, which included four students and two staff members.

On October 3, parents of pupils at The Sittingbourne School, formerly Sittingbourne Community College, were informed of a confirmed case in a pupil in Year 7, with his class and all those who travelled to the Swanstree Avenue site on the same bus from Sheppey on the morning of September 29 told to self isolate.

Borden Grammar School was the fifth school in the town to be hit by coronavirus, alerting parents on September 28 about a case in Year 9.

The immediate friend group of a Year 8 girl at Highsted Grammar School in Highsted Road were sent home on September 8 - with eight others in the bubble allowed to continue lessons. Parents said they were threatened with 'unauthorised absence' if they removed their child from school, but the grammar insists they are following 'explicit' instructions from Public Health England.

On the same day, Year 1 pupils from Bapchild and Tonge CofE Primary School in School Lane, were sent home for two weeks after a positive test from a pupil in the bubble.

Four staff members and 25 children from Year 5 were sent home from Hartlip Primary School on Wednesday, September 16 after a young girl tested positive. They were told to return on Thursday, October 1.

At South Avenue Primary School, Sittingbourne, 120 pupils were put into quarantine after two pupils tested positive.

And at St Peter's Catholic Primary School in West Ridge, Sittingbourne, a group of pupils and teachers were told to self isolate on September 6 after a Year 6 pupil tested positive.

There has also been a Covid-19 case at Westlands Primary School in Homewood Avenue, Sittingbourne, and a letter was sent to parents on September 8.

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. Picture: Google Maps
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. Picture: Google Maps

On November 8, Fulston Manor School become the final secondary school in the town to be hit by the virus after a Year 11 and a member of staff tested positive.

However, just four days later 420 students in Year 9 and Year 11 were forced to isolate at home after their year groups were shut due to more Covid-19 cases.

On Sunday, November 15 the school closed for two weeks. Oaks Infant School also closed on the same day for two weeks.

Since then, two more schools announced closures.

The Sittingbourne School in Swanstree Avenue said it would close to youngsters in Years 7, 8 and 9 from Tuesday, November 17.

Head teacher Yvette Peden said: "Due to a significant increase in precautionary isolation of members of staff, we need to close the school to Year 7, 8 and 9 students for the remainder of this week.

"We have been working hard to ensure that the school remains open to all year groups; but as I am sure you will appreciate, to operate safely, we must have an appropriate number of staff on site."

Ms Peden said remote learning would be uploaded to Google Classroom so students would have "plenty to be working on" at home.

Meanwhile, Iwade School confirmed it would close at the end of Wednesday, November 18.

The School Lane school, which is part of the TIMU Academy Trust, said it would be shut for seven school days from Thursday, November 19 until Monday, November 30.


Five staff members and 25 pupils were sent home to isolate for two weeks from Ramsgate's Royal Harbour Academy Year 7 bubble. This came after a child was confirmed to have Covid-19 on Sunday, September 20.

Three pupils at the King Ethelbert School in Birchington were self-isolating after they tested positive for coronavirus. A letter was sent to parents on October 30.

On Monday, November 9, three primary schools run by the Viking Academy Trust sent children home.

A small number of cases were recorded at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs, Chilton Primary in Ramsgate and Ramsgate Arts Primary (RAPS).

At RAPS, Year 2 pupils have been advised to isolate after two children tested positive; at Chilton one class in Year 2 and one class in Year 4 are learning from home after siblings, one in each class, tested positive; and at Upton, a Year 6 pupil tested positive over the weekend.

Meanwhile pupils from five schools who travelled on a bus will also have to isolate after a fellow passenger caught the virus.

Hundreds of pupils are back learning from home after two whole year groups at King Ethelbert School in Birchington were told to self-isolate.


Hugh Christie School in Tonbridge has closed its sixth form following two confirmed cases of coronavirus. It will reopen on November 25.

Tunbridge Wells

More than 200 Year 7 pupils were sent home for two weeks from Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys after a pupil's positive test came back on Tuesday, September 15. David Adams, Kent County Council's (KCC) education director, said the grammar has seen the "most significant" impact in September.


Benenden School, near Cranbrook, has been hit by 13 confirmed cases of Covid-19 this term. As a precaution around 140 girls at the school, which charges fees of £13,124 per term, have been told to isolate for 14 days.

On Tuesday, November 10, Cranbrook School's headmaster Dr John Weeds confirmed that all Year 11 students had been told to stay at home after a confirmed case among one of their number.

A primary school closed to all staff and pupils on November 18 after the head teacher tested positive for coronavirus.

Parents with children in Hawkhurst CEP School received a message the night before confirming the school will be closed until November 30.

This came just two days after 64 pupils were sent home from the school in Rye Road after a positive case was identified in a Year 3 bubble.


Joy Lane Primary School has closed completely for two weeks from Tuesday, November 17, after Covid cases among pupils, staff and parents.

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