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Jail for men who inflicted 'sadistic' attack

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by Paul Hooper

Canterbury Crown Court
Canterbury Crown Court

Two men have each been given 15-year sentences after they laughed as they handed out a "sustained and sadistic" attack.

John Persich, 21, and pal Nathan Hutchinson, 26, lured one of their victims to the home of his friend.

* FILMING the attack on mobile phone
* THREATENING to drown the victims and CARVE up their bodies; and
* TERRORISING them with punches, kicks and then stamping on them
* FORCING them to perform sexual acts on each other
* BITING them both
* SLASHING the two with a knife
* POURING boiling water over one of the teenagers
There they subjected both youngsters to a "humiliating and degrading" ordeal which included:

Both had admitted charges of causing grievous bodily harm during the incident in November 2010.
Persich, of Cypress Grove, Elvington, and Hutchinson, of Douglas Road, Deal, were jailed for 12 years - and given a further three-year extended licence.

A third man, Robert Johnson, 25, of Royal Victoria Place, Dover, was given a five-year sentence, which includes a 15 month extended licence.

He admitted conspiring with others to carry out an attack causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecutor Christopher May told Canterbury Crown Court how Johnson had lured one of the victim's to a friend's home.

He said Persich, who was waiting inside the house, held a grudge against the teenager because he had got the better of him in a fight five years earlier.

"This was an extremely violent attack over a considerable period of time, attacks which were degrading and humiliating and had a profound impact on one of the victims."

He told how Persich - looking for revenge - attacked one of the victims with an iron bar as soon as he arrived.

Then the two youngsters were "repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped on".

Then one of them was put into a cupboard and boiling water from a kettle was poured over him.

His friend later told police that since the incident he had suffered repeated nightmares.

He said he had endured "dreams about the sadistic nature" of what had happened, adding:"I can still hear (my friend's) screams, screaming at the top of his lungs as they poured boiling water over him.

"Sometimes it is all I hear in my nightmares."

Mr May said that throughout the attacks Persich and Hutchinson laughed and filmed their victims as they forced them to strip and perform sex acts on each other.

Later after handing out more beatings, one of the youngsters was seen coughing up blood and someone else who arrived at the house thought he was dead.

Their ordeal only ended when they were forced into a car and another man intervened. They were allowed out and warned if they told of the attack "they would be murdered".

Judge Adele Williams told the three: "This was a sustained, sadistic attack on two youngsters, one of whom you had lured to his friend's home in order to carry out the violence."

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