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KentOnline's favourite cat stories for International Cat Day 2018

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It's International Cat Day, and what better way to celebrate than looking back at some of Kent's most famous felines?

From the cat that came back from the dead, to a moggy member of the Kitler club, there's never a dull moment for the county's cute companions.

Here's seven of KentOnline's favourite felines.

1 Bagpuss

Bagpuss the old saggy cloth cat
Bagpuss the old saggy cloth cat

Who can forget much-loved family favourite Bagpuss, the beautiful pink and white cloth cat?

Created by puppeteers Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate, the iconic children's TV programme was produced through their company, Smallfilms, in Blean.

The creative pair were also behind classic characters such as The Clangers, the mysterious Soup Dragon and the unforgettable Noggin the Nog.

Mr Firmin's daughter, Emily, even appeared in the opening sequences for Bagpuss, while his wife knitted the feet for the adorable fat cat.

Oliver Postgate died in December 2008, and his Clangers co-creator passed away in July, at the age of 89.

2 Sapphie the Tonbridge Station Cat

This gorgeous black and white cat won the hearts of passengers when she made her home in Tonbridge station in 2015.

Sapphie became a feline legend during her time at the Southeastern station, and even starred in hit video "A Tail from Tonbridge".

She became a huge hit with commuters, who would leave her treats and presents - but sadly died in March this year.

Despite an appeal raising hundreds of pounds to pay for her treatment, Sapphie passed away after a suspected cancerous lump was found in her stomach.

Tributes flooded in through social media, with Gladstone, the 11 Downing Street moggie, saying "RIP Sapphie who worked at Tonbridge railway station".

3 Norman - the cat who came back from the dead

Karen Jones with Norman Picture: Gary Browne
Karen Jones with Norman Picture: Gary Browne

A stunned family thought their pet cat had come back from the dead when he turned up for breakfast just 24 hours after his funeral.

Karen Jones and her younger brother, Paul May, buried the wrong moggie after discovering a black cat at the side of the road in Ashford.

A neighbour told them that the creature, identical to their beloved pet, had been hit by a passing car and killed instantly.

Shocked Karen originally believed her cat had come back from the dead and ran outside to see if he had dug himself out of the ground.

It was only when she found the grave still intact she realised they must have buried the wrong cat.

The story made national headlines in May 2013, and Norman even appeared on national television.

4 Judas the giant

Judas the giant cat. Picture: Darren Small
Judas the giant cat. Picture: Darren Small

Massive moggie Judas was believed to be Britain's tallest cat when he was taken in by animal charity Happy Endings in 2012.

The then five year-old stood at a huge 17 inches - eight inches taller than the average domestic cat - and weighed a staggering 20 pounds.

Workers at the Faversham rescue centre were shocked by his astounding size - but the gentle giant soon won the hearts of staff.

Judas was sent to the cattery when his original owners no longer wanted him, and soon after his plight hit headlines the charity was inundated with people offering to take him.

Strongman Terry Hollands even put in an offer, but the cat was finally snapped up by a family in Folkestone, and had his very own seaside happy ending.

Judas packs and sets off for his new home
Judas packs and sets off for his new home

5 Poussey the French tourist

Poussey with Charlotte and Sandrine Foehr. Picture: Rosie Blundell
Poussey with Charlotte and Sandrine Foehr. Picture: Rosie Blundell

A French family were reunited with their stolen pet after he was "arrested" by police at the Port of Dover.

The green-eyed tabby was found wandering on the car deck of a cross-Channel ferry in April 2013, and went on to become the subject of an extraordinary international police operation.

He would have been put down if not for the kindness of East Kent's animal-lovers, as undocumented pets are classed as a rabies danger.

Luckily, local vet Jeremy Stattersfield was on-hand to give Poussey his jabs, before his owners were able to cross the border to retrieve him.

Unbelievably, the cat was found thanks to a note left at his former owners' house by French police officers, which was spotted by his new family, the Foehrs.

Read the one-of-a-kind tale in all its glory here

6 Kent's moggie member of the Kitler club

Ramsgate cat which looks like Hitler
Ramsgate cat which looks like Hitler

A Ramsgate cat that looks like Adolf Hitler was spotted by local web designer Keith Ross back in April 2014.

The moggie, which bears a striking resemblance to the Nazi dictator, was spotted in Chapel Road, St Lawrence.

Its white face has a black marking below its nose like Hitler's moustache - and even the fur on top of its head mimics the slanted side-parting of the Second World War German leader.

7 Award-winning Frank

Robin Barry with Frank the cat. Picture: Tim Stubbings/Caters News
Robin Barry with Frank the cat. Picture: Tim Stubbings/Caters News

A four year-old cat who helped his owner beat a near life-ruining alcohol addiction was put up for a national award in 2016.

New Romney puss Frank, who lives with owner Robin Barry, beat hundreds of other cats to be recognised by the Cat Protection National Cat Awards.

Unfortunately, Frank didn't emerge the winner of the competition's better together category - which celebrates the bond between cats and their owners.

However, his touching story remains a lovely reminder of what pets can do for their families.

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