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Runaway Shetland pony takes an early morning trot in Canterbury

A Shetland pony goes for a runaround in Canterbury city centre
A Shetland pony goes for a runaround in Canterbury city centre

Trot's all that about? A passing pedestrian does a double-take

by Adam Williams

Police have revealed a runaway
pony which caused chaos in Canterbury city centre yesterday
morning could be homeless.

The chestnut coloured Shetland
stallion went walkabout through Canter-bury amid road
sweepers, window cleaners and pursuing police officers.

Its early morning trot around the
city was caught on CCTV cameras before police were finally able to
stop the animal in its tracks.

Police are now trying to
trace the 10 hands high pony's owners.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "The
Shetland, which has not been microchipped, is currently being cared
for at Kent Police-approved stables while officers try to trace his
owners, who they believe may have been living at an address in
Whitehall Road, Canterbury."

"The owners have 15 days dating from the day he was caught to
claim the pony.

"If no-one comes forward within that time he will be

The pony caused mayhem as it evaded
capture for more than 30 minutes.

Stunned eyewitnesses described the
energetic pursuit as officers attempted to rein in the brown pony
during its impromptu tour of shops and attractions.

Among them was Dawit Tekie , a
housekeeper from the Abode Hotel, who had to do a double-take on
his walk into work.

He said: “I was walking past
Barretts Jaguar garage just before 7am when I spotted it there
looking through the window.

”it looked hilarious, but everything seemed under control...” – becky floyd

"It was just minding its
own business, walking along St Peter’s Street on the way to the
hotel. It trotted up to some school children, who were petting

“Two police officers tried to grab
it, but it ran off. A person walking past tried to help, too, but
it still got away.”

Police were alerted to the animal’s
escape at 6.30am as the first eyewitness reports came in from St
Dunstan’s Street.

By the time patrol officers arrived
at 6.39am to restrain it, the pony had passed through the Westgate
Towers – where its bid for freedom appeared over.

But this escape story was far from
over as the pony broke free from capture. A passing council worker
came to the rescue and was able to tether the mare within

Abode Hotel receptionist Becky
Floyd then saw the detainee as it passed by the front door.

She said: “A police car drove
slowly past the entrance – but then it was followed by a male and a
female officer walking along next to the pony.

“It looked hilarious, but
everything seemed under control.”

Efforts to contact its owner proved
fruitless and the homeless nag was escorted to the police station
for further enquiries at 7.20am.

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