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6 of the worst Christmas gifts you could get

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We've all got one, someone in the family who really gets your goat. You'll probably be forced to spend an extended amount of time with them this Christmas and (secretly) despise it. You'll have to keep shtum though to avoid rocking the boat, but why not hit back by getting them the worst gift you can?

You can always just sign the tag "from Santa!" And if they find out it came from you just claim it was only a joke...


With that in mind here's some of the worst gifts you can give - or be unfortunate enough to receive - this Christmas.

Jeremy Corbyn jumper

Depending on your political affiliation and your mood after the recent General Election result, this is the last thing you'll want to unwrap.

The Jeremy Corbyn knitted Christmas jumper, which features the soon-to-be ex-Labour leader's face adorned with a festive hat and the message "Jerry Christmas" has been billed as a limited edition product with only 500 churned out to date by notjustclothing.co.uk.

A Jerry Christmas jumper
A Jerry Christmas jumper

It is unisex and first appeared in 2017 at the height of Corbyn's popularity and is available at the bargain price of £24.99.

A 'mushion'...

Imagine unwrapping one of these beauties... These "best-selling" two faced Mushions are double sided and can be personalised with the same or different images on each side.

The only question is whose face or faces end up on them - perhaps the receiver's partner or that of their favourite celebrity crush? Some buyers have even been known to adorn them a mugshot of the family pet.

Mushions are said to be a best-selling gift
Mushions are said to be a best-selling gift

Worrying, this gift doesn't take much legwork to pull together as all the gifter needs to do is upload pictures to Firebox.com and part with £19.99 and they'll be posted to them.

Ian Beale calendar

You may not admit it but we've all been a closet EastEnders watcher at one time or another, but even the most die-hard fan would surely baulk and getting this.

At a cost of £13.99 via online retailer Etsy you may consider it worth getting this Ian Beale calendar yourself just to see the look on the face of whoever you're giving it to!

The Ian Beale calendar
The Ian Beale calendar

It features images of some of the more memorable moments from his 34 years in the soap such as when Max Branning tried to kill him by strangling him with Christmas lights and when he was left in tears after a run-in with old foe and hardman Phil Mitchel.

Million piece jigsaw

If you end up getting this million piece jigsaw the chances are you must have really annoyed someone.

But as it's difficulty has been classified at "expert level" it may also be the perfect distraction to keep you from arguing with relatives about how the Christmas dinner is being cooked, or whether or not everyone should be forced to watch The Queen's Speech.

The million piece jigsaw
The million piece jigsaw

Available for only £1.95 from eBay and with free postage, it might be a good idea to start being nice to those closest to you...

The Brexit Card Game

If you're having a big family gathering the chances are everyone will have been given specific instructions to to avoid using the B word, especially after any alcohol is consumed.

But that could become problematic if this offering pops out of the wrapping paper.

The Brexit Card Game
The Brexit Card Game

"They can't work it out! Can YOU?", proclaims the box.

It can be played by between two to five players and a typical game lasts around 45 minutes. Sound fun?

Stuffed Turkey Hat

If that was not bizarre enough, the Smiffys Stuffed Turkey Hat must surely come a close second.

It is said to be "fun to wear around the Christmas dinner table and staff parties", although we're not sure how many volunteers will come forward to test out that theory.

A Stuffed Turkey hat
A Stuffed Turkey hat

Made from soft polyester material, it comes in one size that is said to fit all adults and children aged over eight and as it's available for only £3.85 on Amazon there's still time for this to be snapped up and delivered to a household near you before the big day.

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