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Kent's most ridiculous road markings

It's the sort of shoddy workmanship that provokes disbelief and hilarity in equal measure.

Painting around objects instead of moving them, misspelling road signs and even getting left and right confused.

The example below was spotted in Broadstairs last week. Woe betide anyone who decides to park two bikes and a pogo stick at the bottom of these stairs.

But this pointless line painting is far from unique.

In a similar vein, here is a selection of Kent's most ridiculous road markings.

A series of small yellow lines outside Lansdowne Primary School


Drivers were left scratching their heads when a series of short yellow lines were painted around cars outside a Sittingbourne school.

Staff and parents arrived at Lansdowne Primary School, in Gladstone Drive, to find the 4ft long markings.

TheKent County Council contractors tried to complete as much of the lining as possible - by painting in between the cars.


Something's definitely not quite right with this pedestrian crossing in Folkestone.

An eagle-eyed visitor spotted the mistake and posted a snap to Instagram.

A spokesman for Kent Highways - who usually have responsibility for road markings - said it was unclear exactly who wrote the sign but was investigating the error.


A lack of joined-up thinking led to a lack of joined-up lines on this Queenborough Road.

White lines were repainted along Whiteway Road despite the road being damaged. In some areas, the markings went down into craters.

Then, days later, the advertised road closure went ahead so the potholes could be filled in - leaving black patches over the new white lines.

St Mary Hoo

In this grim example, white lines were painted over a fox as it lay dead in a Medway village.

Workers sprayed over the cub's legs as they marked a resurfaced road in St Mary Hoo.

The Medway Council contractors apparently failed to spot the dead animal as they painted lines with a lorry on the Ratcliffe Highway.


The creator of this temporary space for blue badge holders may have been well-intentioned, but unfortunately made a huge spelling error

The makeshift disabled bay was discovered in Holborough Road, Snodland, leaving bemused neighbours reaching for their dictionaries.

A spokesman for Tonbridge and Malling council confirmed the error had been made by a contractor working with Southern Gas Networks and the company has been instructed to correct the mistake.


Highways chiefs were in line for some severe criticism after broken double yellows appeared without warning in Gravesend.

There were gaps between sections of the double yellow lines where workers avoided parked cars in four Gravesend streets.

Residents now face a £60 penalty for parking outside their properties – unless they're lucky enough to grab one of the gaps.


Canterbury City Council decided there was a need for these double yellow lines in Station Road West - even though the only vehicle likely to fit in to them is a unicycle.

But despite their stunted appearance, these lines mean business.

Bob Pollard, the council's street enforcement manager, said: "The lines are in a small gap that separates the 20-minute restrictions and residents' pay and display parking bays.

"If a vehicle is parked over the yellow lines, the driver could incur one of two penalties, primarily not parking within the confines of a parking space or technically for parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours."

Unicycle riders - you have been warned.

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