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The unfortunate tale of Reginald Twigger

Reginald Twigger
Reginald Twigger

When Reginald Twigger came to Medway to learn about climate change little did he know how unlucky his week was going to be.

Mr Twigger, 40, from Nottingham, decided to visit the Camp for Climate Action in Hoo with friends.

Being eco-conscious the self-employed joiner arrived in London by train then cycled from the centre of the capital to the Climate Camp at Dux Court Road, Hoo.

He arrived at 10.30pm on the first Sunday of the camp. When he entered the site he was stopped and searched by police officers.

His troubles began when an offending item was found in his bike trailer.

Mr Twigger was arrested and charged with possession of a bladed article he said was part of his puncture repair kit. His bike chain and padlock were also confiscated.

He was taken to Medway Police station and held overnight.

Mr Twigger was released on bail under conditions he would not enter the Hoo Peninsula. Unfortunately Mr Twigger had planned to stay with friends at the camp, so the ban left him without a roof over his head.

He began to search for somewhere to stay but every hotel he tried was full.

Mr Twigger resorted to spending two nights sleeping rough on Jacksons Field, Rochester.

Last Wednesday he attended a bail hearing at Medway Magistrates Court after hastily arranging a solicitor. He had to attend court wearing the only clothes he had – Lycra cycling shorts and top.

Mr Twigger thought things were looking up when he managed to get a room in a hotel in Rochester.

Unfortunately his situation was about to get a whole lot worse.

Medway Police had returned his bike prior to the hearing, but as his chain and padlock had been confiscated he had no way of securing it.

Not only were the bail conditions preventing him from visiting friends on the Hoo peninsula upheld but he also left court to find his bike had been stolen.

Mr Twigger said: “I was absolutely livid.

“I didn’t turn up to shut down the power station, I just wanted to learn more about climate change and then all this happened."

Mr Twigger returned to Nottingham without his bike and without attending the climate camp, instead he was left with a hefty hotel bill and the possibility of a five-year prison sentence.

A spokesman for Kent Police confirmed Mr Twigger had been charged with possession of a bladed article and will appear before magistrates in Chatham on Thursday, August 28.

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