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Would you be happy using a Covid passport? KentOnline social media followers have given the idea a mixed response

It's a debate that has divided opinion, provoking strong feelings on either side of the argument - so, would you be happy using a Covid passport if they were introduced?

A review is underway into whether people will have to produce such a certificate, that would include proof of vaccination, test results or whether they have had the virus, before being allowed to travel or possibly attend venues such as theatres, clubs and pubs.

The initiative is being considered by a panel led by Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove as a way of returning to normality while minimising the risk of another wave of cases.

But the government faces a battle over their introduction if people have to provide proof of their Covid-19 status before going to events.

Responding to the question on the KentOnline Facebook page, many were adamant they would not be happy.

"Absolutely not...," said Doug Hockley. "Not that it's even feasible to do it anyway without going through back door to ID cards..."

Carly S Anderson is also against the idea. "No!!! Forcing the jab on me is taking my freedom of choice and then taking away my freedom to go where I wish," she added.

Pub landlords have criticised the introduction of vaccine passports
Pub landlords have criticised the introduction of vaccine passports

There were a number of people who could see the sense of a Covid passport in some cases but not others.

Paul Hasted posted: "For travel abroad it makes sense. However for anything else it’s just madness." It was a view echoed by Carla Harmsworth: "For travel yes, but everything else, no."

Others questioned the timing of their introduction.

David Saunders-Finch said: "Yes, but only when all age groups have been given the vaccine...."

And Susan Gulliver agreed: "Yes, but only once all people who wish to have a vaccination have access to them. Some will have to wait months yet to get their first dose."

Some would not have to think twice and say they would be glad to carry one.

Mark Holden said: "Had my vaccine and would be proud to show I've had it. One way ticket to freedom." And David Parkes wrote: "Yes definitely, if it helps to protect others , then why not?"

Kevin Searles summed it up saying: "Yes, no problem. I think it is a great idea and don't understand why everyone is against it."

Meanwhile, at least two Kent Tory MPs are among more than 70 members of parliament to join a cross-party campaign against Covid passes.

South Thanet's Craig Mackinlay and Dartford's Adam Holloway added their signatures to a pledge to oppose the move.

Craig Mackinlay MP is against the idea of vaccine passports
Craig Mackinlay MP is against the idea of vaccine passports

It states: "We oppose the divisive and discriminatory use of Covid status certification to deny individuals access to general services, businesses or jobs."

Signatories include former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, former director of Liberty, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, and more than 40 MPs from the Conservative Covid Recovery Group.

It is also opposed by civil liberties groups, including Big Brother Watch, whose director Silkie Carlo said: "Our common goal is to emerge from lockdown - healthy, safe and free.

"But we won’t arrive at freedom through exclusion. Covid passes would be the first attempt at segregation in Britain for many decades, dividing communities without reducing the risks.

"We are in real danger of becoming a check-point society where anyone from bouncers to bosses could demand to see our papers.

"We cannot let this government create a two-tier nation of division, discrimination and injustice.”

And many pub landlords are going to take some convincing. Publicans in Kent have warned that yet another restriction would be too much to ask when other businesses can operate with far fewer measures.

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