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Vote for which fluffy friends will make it to the final round of the Kent Pets Tournament

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The results are in and now it's time to vote in round two of the Kent Pets Tournament.

Last week, one cat and three dogs were knocked out of the competition - leaving Ebb the sea-faring dog, Noah the fussy house-cat, Ziggy the starman sniffer-dog and Poppy the cuddly chicken.

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This week's voting will decide who will go head-to-head in the final round for the title of 'Kent's Cutest Pet'.

If you would like to take part in next month's tournament, send pictures and details (such as name, age, breed, and fun facts) about your pet to sbird@thekmgroup.co.uk

Next month's category is all about skills, tricks and talents as pets compete for the title of 'Kent's Most Talented Pet'.

Head to Head #1:

Ebb the English Spaniel
Ebb the English Spaniel

Ebb the English Spaniel

Ebb the nautical dog of many tricks got through to the next round with his adorable puppy-eyes.

But can he survive round two of a cuteness competition with pictures of him all grown up?

Aside from studying his many tricks, Ebb loves swimming, licking empty yoghurt pots and playing with his favourite treat ball.

And if that's not enough to win you over, here's a video montage of him going about his day.

WATCH: A video of Ebb sleeping where he shouldn't be, playing and doing his tricks.

Noah the house-cat
Noah the house-cat

Noah the House Cat

It was a close call for Noah in the last round, with his opponent Blake the cocker spaniel only lagging five votes behind the house-cat's 55.

This underdog - or undercat? - is back for round two with some more beauty shots and the same apatite for fancy food. Yes he even had his own Christmas dinner.

Although he's not as picky as initially thought. See him pictured near the fish pond he drinks from when there are no human glasses of water available for him.

Noah the house-cat
Noah the house-cat

WATCH: Noah knows exactly where the treats are

Head to Head #2:

Ziggy the Labrador
Ziggy the Labrador

Ziggy Stardust the Labrador

The professional pup of the tournament was formidable in the last round, achieving 62 votes and a 67% lead on her opponent Olive.

When this junior sniffer dog isn't training hard to become the best in the business, he enjoys his free time with his family at home.

Besides annoying his older cairn terrier brother Louie, eating ice cream and plying with his favourite car tyer, Ziggy loves to watch TV.

Ziggy the Labrador
Ziggy the Labrador

Though his family usually don't find it as relaxing - Ziggy will bark at any animal or even vehicles that show up on the screen.

And when he's finally spent, Ziggy naps with his head rested on the closest pillow he can find.

Poppy the Amber White Chicken

Poppy the Amber White Chicken
Poppy the Amber White Chicken

This plucky feathered friend came out ahead Trixie the grayhound in the last round with promise to answer the question, how chickens ask for hugs?

According to her owner, when Poppy wants a cuddle she will jump up on the garden gate and is only happy when you pick her up.

Poppy will also follow her human family around the garden when she and her three chicken chums stretch their legs and constantly crouches down so she can be picked up.

Poppy the Amber White Chicken
Poppy the Amber White Chicken

Strangely, none of the others have shown anything like such enthusiasm for human touch.

Last week she was awarded 45 votes - making Ziggy a fierce competition for her.

Will you help her achieve her dreams of becoming Kent’s Cutest pet?

To read more about the county's furry and feathered friends, click here to visit the Kent Pets page.

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