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Danny Ruxton creates Lucky Unicorn Nipples

Luck could just be a flick away thanks to an eccentric entrepreneur’s bizarre unicorn-themed creation.

Danny Ruxton’s Lucky Unicorn Nipples could hit high street shops soon following a year of research and design.

The 31-year-old, from Larkfield, enlisted the help of Dutch designer Ritchie van Daal to build a prototype of the colourful and furry teats of good fortune.

Danny Ruxton has a new product he's hoping to launch onto the market
Danny Ruxton has a new product he's hoping to launch onto the market

Danny, a former Malling School Pupil, has created a mobile phone app for users to take part in a staring competition while he has also launched his own clothing brand Chill Comfy under his business name of Ruxtoncorp.

The Ocado engineer manager is hopeful his latest product, along with its mantra of “flick ‘em, rub ‘em, suck ‘em”, could become a lucky charm for those who buy them.

Danny, of The Lakes, said: “Obviously unicorns do exist and their nipples must be magical.

“Once you locate them and get a hold of its nipples it’ll bring you luck. You can’t put a price on luck.”

Danny’s prototype is a larger scale version of the unicorn nipples which will be sold in a container small enough to sit on an office desk, kitchen worktop or bedside table.

Although he is yet to decide on a price for his Lucky Unicorn Nipples, Danny is in the process of having the rainbow-coloured body part produced in China.

A closeup of one of the nipples
A closeup of one of the nipples

He said: “I had a Dutch designer to make a prototype of the nipples and it is quite big and now I have sent the prototype off to China.

“They will make smaller versions that can be sold in shops like Menkind and Hawkin’s Bazaar and sit on counters and be an impulse buy for people.”

“You can flick here or there or even at your work desk.”

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