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Eat My Words: We try out Creams Cafe at Chatham Dockside

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Medway is home to many great places to go for food, but after hearing about a new BIRD restaurant, my colleague, Laoise, and I were well and truly set on trying the seemingly outrageous combination of waffles and chicken for lunch.

So imagine our disappointment when we went to the Hempstead Valley branch, that had been open for less than a week, and found it was closed due to equipment failure.

Megan with her milkshake at Creams in Chatham
Megan with her milkshake at Creams in Chatham

We had our hearts set on the outrageously large meals that had been advertised online and we had spent all morning picking our orders from the menu.

Craving something similar, Laoise racked her brain, thinking of somewhere else that may be able to serve up the American-themed waffle and chicken combo.

It was then that we decided on Creams Cafe at Chatham Dockside. If it sells sweet waffles and desserts there must be some savoury options, right?

Thankfully, we were correct and when we arrived we saw that popcorn chicken waffle bites were on the menu. Close enough!

Although many people head to Creams to cure their sweet tooth, I decided to try something different and see what else was available.

The cheesy nachos
The cheesy nachos

On arrival, the cafe was rather empty and the music was quite loud. It wasn't a soothing tune ­– it was of the Grime genre and seemed a bit heavy going for a Tuesday lunchtime.

However, I am not one to judge people's music tastes and it did match the sparkly décor and club vibe Creams had going.

We were asked to scan a QR code on our table to order, but after struggling for a few minutes to connect to the web page we settled with the old-fashioned method of ordering at the till.

To get a well rounded taste of the food on offer, between two people we opted for a strawberry milkshake, a Ferrero Rocher milkshake, regular nachos, two popcorn chicken waffle bites, a Lotus waffle and a Nutella waffle.

In hindsight, it was a bit of an overkill, but we were starving and hadn't eaten all morning and the £37.40 order was sure to fill our bellies!

The chicken waffle bites
The chicken waffle bites

The waiters were quick and helpful. Our milkshakes were brought to us pretty much as soon as we sat down and they were a thing of beauty.

Something so bad for you was so good at the same time, I highly recommend getting the whipped cream on top. It may be an additional 45p but it was worth it.

We were then brought our nachos. They had a cinema food vibe, and although they weren't exactly gourmet standard they did the job – tortilla chips, cheese, salsa and sour cream, again, you can't really go wrong.

It was after we finished these that we were finally served the waffle chicken bites. I was apprehensive but bravely dipped one into the maple syrup they came with and it was divine.

It might have been overly-processed, ready-made food, but it was delicious and the savoury chicken and waffle paired with the sweet sauce gave the same flavour as crispy bacon, pancakes and maple syrup.

The Nutella waffle
The Nutella waffle

As we finished up our main meals our desserts arrived and it was then we realised our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies...

The waffles were huge and after choosing our own toppings they were more than sickly.

However, they were the most gorgeous desserts I have ever seen and tasted. You definitely get your money's worth and the flavours are lovely too.

Then again, when the ingredients consist of Nutella and Biscoff, I don't think it can taste bad.

Just before we left, Laoise boxed up her leftover waffle and I bought a can of Dr Pepper.

The Biscoff waffle
The Biscoff waffle

It cost me £2.50, and this steep price, for a small can of drink, was the only negative thing about my lunch.

Ratings out of five

Food: The food was really tasty, however it wasn't the freshest, but I would have it again.****

Drink: The milkshakes were very sweet but absolutely gorgeous, however the price of canned drinks did put me off a bit. ***

Decor: The black and purple glittery walls did fit with the American diner theme, however the loud Grime music was a bit random. ***

Staff: Nice and polite, service was quick, no complaints. *****

Price: For two milkshakes, a starter, two mains and two desserts I think £37.40 isn't too bad, however, your money may be better spent somewhere else for fresher food. ***

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